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So if you have suggestions, questions, ideas or tips please don’t hesitate to drop me a line or two:


I promise to respond!

I am also an avid user of Facebook and Twitter so if you prefer that forum drop by my facebook page or send me a tweet! Follow the links….

Facebook:  Soul Canvas page

Twitter: Ms_Blaque_Asia


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  1. jamii says:

    Another quick note:
    So I have also started a facebook page that links to my blog so I can post even more info for black women and living a healthy lifestyle. I see you did the same, do you have any tips on getting it up and running? Just invite friends? Did you make an ad?


    1. Ms Z. says:

      welcome to the blogging world, you will be a pro in no time!
      Ive seen your blog, its really nice!! Yay for nappy hair!! 🙂
      I basically started by inviting all my friends. Its pretty slow at first, in my first week I only had a few followers but over time it increases and other people who may access your blog through Twitter or other means will eventually like your page on facebook as well. If you have the money you can put out an ad but I haven’t done that yet. Advertise your facebook page on your blog too so that those you may not be friends with on facebook (like me!) can find it.
      Hope my tips helped, if you need to know more don’t hesitate to ask!

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