My Taoist pilgrimage (Mt Tai shan)

China is not an obviously religious country, by that I mean their everyday lives and religion rarely intersect, unlike our countries where religion is embedded in everything we do; we start national events… Continue reading

Drink more hot water! (多喝热水!)

I have decided to add a series of posts that will share my experiences with Chinese culture here in China. Of course this may not apply to all of China because there are… Continue reading

A day in Bazhou (霸州)

My scholarship is funded by a Chinese government organization known as Hanban (colloquial abbreviation for Chinese National Office for Teaching Chinese as a foreign language). Basically they aim to promote the learning and… Continue reading

Sexy Body missions at the gym

Before I came to China I was fully intending on continuing on my home fitness routine using my various home workout DVDs however due to my living situation (sharing a relatively small room… Continue reading

Getting around in Baoding

This is not a topic that I ever would have thought to blog because the idea of discussing transport seems so mundane but on China’s roads there’s never a dull moment! I experienced… Continue reading

Turning up the Baoding way

So this post is way overdue because I really should have done it the first time I came to China, but better late than never! On my “must do” list of things to… Continue reading

Baoding & Hebei University: First Impressions

So I’m in China! Have been for almost a week now. Here’s my (somewhat) brief rundown of my journey here and how I’m settling in so far. The trip One of the more… Continue reading

Black girl in China….again.

I am leaving…on a jet plane…I don’t know when I’ll be back again… Ok, so that last part is a lie, I know when I’ll be back. I am going to the east… Continue reading

16 Things Black People Wish They Could Explain To Their White Friends

I love this article so much I had to share it! It is mostly referring to black Africans rather than blacks in general. And as a black African I can confirm that all… Continue reading


On the 2nd of August, all roads in GC should lead to one place and one place only: Kosher Nightz’ I love Hip Hop Fest. Kosher nights and kosher sessions have become a… Continue reading