10428188_675516439191247_462844225941242431_oOn the 2nd of August, all roads in GC should lead to one place and one place only: Kosher Nightz’ I love Hip Hop Fest. Kosher nights and kosher sessions have become a regular part of the Gabs party scene, injecting some hip hop into the house dominated night life. Every hip hop head has been there at least once. If you haven’t, it’s time to redeem yourself.

The Artists

Kosher Nights is bringing not 1, not 2 but 10, yes 10, artists to the stage.

South African Artists: AkA, Khuli Chana, Casper Nyovest, Kid X and KO.


Local Artists: ATI, Sassa Klass, Noello, Ego and Chub Heightz.


DJs: Fauz, Ozzie the Great, Cupid, Root, Unanimous 1 and KY Carter.

Host: VH


The Venue

Initially the event was to be held at the Main mall but it has been moved to Airport Junction. The Event map is below:


The Tickets

There are 3 types of tickets available to the public: normal, golden circle and VVIP.

Normal will set you back 300, while Golden Circle which is right in front of the stage will cost you 600. VVIP, going for 1800, will get you access to the golden circle, VIP lounge where the artists will be too, a room at Presidents Hotel for the night, a bottle of Jameson, finger snacks and admission for 2 to both the fest and to the after party.

Get normal and golden circle tickets from Web tickets located at the following places: Riverwalk Information desk, Riverwalk SuperSpar, Airport Junction Spar, BBS Spar, Kgale Spar, Molepolole Spar, Mochudi Spar. VVIP tickets are to be bought at the Cresta Presidents Hotel reception desk where you will also book your room.


The stage event begins at 2pm and ends at 11pm, when the party moves to Presidents Hotel upstairs where all big Kosher events are held.

The set up

The stage event will have a festival atmosphere with food stalls, market stalls and multiple bars where you can quench your thirst.

Dress Code

Come ready to do a lot of standing.

Ladies, heels may not be a great idea for the stage event. Rock your sneakers, chucks or whatever style of flats you favour. Clothing wise, go for something stylish but comfortable that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty which is usually inevitable at festivals. Shades are a must, Botswana sun doesn’t play. Hipsters and fashionistas this is the time to get creative, nothing is ever over the top at a festival.

Feel free to switch it up for the after party.

Why should you be there?

Such large events are usually only held across the border, this one is in your back yard! No travel costs included.

If you needed an excuse to start sipping at 2pm, here it is!

10 artists in one night, need I say more?

Strictly hiphop, both at the stage event and the after party, what more does a hip hop head need?

And lastly, it goes without saying, no one turns up like Kosher!

So GC natives, will you be there? Check out the Kosher Nightz Event page on Facebook for more info (click here)


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