#DTBY: Thato Mokgadi of Thato Whis launches her winter collection

Last week Thursday, I along with local fashion lovers, was treated to a small show debuting Thato@Whis’s 2014 Winter collection. Instead of relying on other local fashion shows to publicize her work, Thato Mokgadi decided to take matters into her own hands and put on two biannual shows to bring her collection directly to her customers. Having participated as a model in her first show last year for her 2013 Winter collection, I was excited to see things from the opposite end.

The event started a little late but attendants were slightly late as well as most tend to be for such events. While we waited outside the hall where the show was to be held, we sipped drinks from the bar or tasted Orange River Cellars White and Red Jerepigo wine from the little table Lengau Wine Company had set up. We also got little goodie bags that had a random assortment of items.

As the hallway began to get a little crowded, the hostess encouraged us to enter the hall and get comfortable. The attendees were of course dressed to the nines and I would expect nothing less from the audience of a fashion event. Some opted for more simple outfits, letting their shoes or tops steal all the attention while others had something for the eyes from head to toe.

Samsung Botswana was also sponsoring the event and had a little stall by the door to the hall where guests could get acquainted with the new NX Mini smart camera that will soon be in stock among other Samsung gadgets. Guests were invited to spend some time fiddling with it and taking selfies that we could then email to ourselves immediately. I’m sure the camera will soon be the most desired gadget by those of us in the “selfie” generation. It’s features include a 3 inch touch screen that can be inverted 180 degrees (which enables you to take a selfie without the usual arm strain), WiFi, NFC, it’s app capable and can take on up to 3 different lens that are detachable (9mm, 9-27mm and 17mm). I am not much of a camera geek however I do know excellent picture quality when I see it! I was thoroughly impressed with the tiny NX Mini and would love it to be my blogging companion someday.

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The show was simple, brief but precise. The models walked out twice to a music mix made by fellow blogger Kwame and posed on strategically arranged boxes placed around the room. Guests were invited to view the clothes up close and interact with the material. The clothes were all made of thick soft neutral coloured materials perfect for the impending cold season and accented with African print fabrics. Pieces that stood out to me were the wraps, quilted coats and a pair of grey baggy pants that can be glammed up with a pair of heels or dressed down with flats.

In the middle of the show, a local artist called Lee serenaded the women with an assortment of songs by Bob Marley and Maxwell. There was also a raffle held where guests walked away with various prizes and I was one of them! Unfortunately I won a male gift, a bottle of aftershave which I have sinced regifted.

My fellow blogger Uyapo of http://uyapoport.tumblr.com/ and I
My friend and blogger Uyapo (of http://uyapoport.tumblr.com) and I

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Thato Mokgadi of Thato @ Whis giving a vote of thanks.
Thato Mokgadi of Thato @ Whis giving a vote of thanks.
Lee mid performance
Lee mid performance

Overall it was a well executed event and I’m sure fashion lovers left satisfied. Great quality clothing is being made right here in Botswana and it is time more people began to support local brands. So if your interest has been piqued, do take a look at the Whis website, Whis Facebook page, and contact Thato Mokgadi to get yourself fashionably winter ready!


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