Focus T25: 13 week update


Time for the final Focus T25 update before the results!

I am now doing the Gamma calender and I must say, it is every bit as tough as Shaun T made it out to be!

Focus-T25-Gamma-Phase-CalendarGamma focuses on strength training and requires weights for 3 out of the 4 videos in this stage.

Having finally mastered Core Speed in the Beta stage, I thought I was ready for Speed 3.0, little did I know what I was in for! I have never done so many burpees in my life! I used to dread regular burpees but now that I’m doing pike up burpees and ski ab burpees etc, when I get to do a regular burpee it’s a treat. Same goes for push ups, Shaun T now thinks push up jacks are a good idea! I’m still not able to keep up with Shaun and his side kicks all the way through Speed 3.0 yet but I do my best.

Though Gamma is 4 weeks, I will do it for 5 because I took a week long break to recover from the half marathon I ran. Therefore I decided to do week 1 twice. I’m thoroughly enjoying the other 3 weight based workouts because I love lifting! The hardest one of all those is easily the pyramid workout. It leaves me in a weak sweaty heap on the floor every time.

I am about to complete the final week of Gamma after which I will do a final full review and give my final measurements. I am sad to be getting to the end though, I really do love Focus T25. But I can always return to it in a few months because there is still room for improvement since I’m not as good as Shaun T’s advanced demonstrators yet.

Missed days

I have only skipped one during the 4 weeks, Speed 3.0 from week 2. I plan to add it to my final week either as a double workout or on a free day.

Additional workouts

None, I just haven’t had the time lately, 30 minutes is all I can give.


Still using 2kg weights. I wanted to buy 3kg weights before beginning Gamma but my budget just didn’t agree with me. Will still buy them when I can regardless.


I’m still watching my abs like a hawk and they are beginning to take shape. My strength has increased, I discovered that I can do one full pull up a week ago and I’m quite pumped about that! I will give my full measurements in my Focus T25 review post.


Remember: unless you puke, faint or die, keep going!



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