Geeking out on comic book documentaries

comic-book-cover-x-men-peel-and-stick-comic-book-cover-900x12862I am a bit of a comic book/superhero fanatic and find the whole comic/superhero concept really interesting. I love the stories, artwork and characters, and have been caught in a discussion or two about them as though they are real people. When a comic inspired movie opens at the cinema I am one of those who will watch first and ask questions later.

My all time favorite superhero character is Batman. It wasn’t always so though, it took The Dark Knight to make me a true believer. Before that I was really obsessed with the Xmen-I still am but I now share the love with the caped crusader. Recently, Hollywood blockbuster seasons have been flooded with comic based movies year after year after year. Marvel and DC comics have us wrapped around their little fingers every year, making billions off our love for all things superhero related.

1636_4_0168I, unlike most comic fans I am friends with, did not grow up reading the comics because I did not have access to them. When I did read them, it was one or two never a full series. I did, however, read Archie comics and I must say I am quite certain I’ve read every Archie comic on planet earth! Therefore, my reference for these comic book superheroes comes from the various cartoon series that my sister and I watched eagerly as kids. In terms of the history of the characters I only know what was included in the cartoons.

A few days ago I decided I would go the extra mile and find documentaries on superheroes and specific comics and fill in as many blanks as I could. Youtube has kept me hooked since! If you want to brush up on your comic book knowledge, get comfortable and put your internet bandwidth to the test, enjoy!

This is a documentary by the history channel that covers the general history of comic books and the various superheroes. It is especially interesting to see how the art of comic writing has reflected the mood of society throughout the years.

Get to know the Man of steel and how he has evolved through the years.

Meet the talents behind The Watchmen and learn why every comic book fan will tell you it’s a must read/see.

Many of Frank Miller’s graphic novels/adult comics have been turned into movies including “Sin City”, “The Spirit”, “300”, “The Dark Knight” and “Daredevil”.

Created by Bob Kane, Batman is one of the world’s most well known superhero characters. Take a look at his past in this 40 minute documentary.

Another bat based documentary about bringing Batman back to his darker roots.

And lastly any comic book fan has to watch this documentary about Stan Lee or Stanley Martin Lieber who we have to thank for Spiderman, Captain America, The Xmen, The Fantastic 4 and a host of other comic book characters.

Others I could not embed on my blog include The Hulk Documentary, a documentary about Comic book illustrator Jack Kirby (Stan Lee’s working partner during the early years) and Once upon a time the superheroes about the creation and evolution of superhero characters.


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