Focus T25: 6 week update

t25Time for a quick Focus T25 update!

I completed the Alpha calendar a week ago and I am now a week and a day into the Beta calendar. I must say I am loving every second of Focus T25!

Beta Calendar
Beta Calendar

Alpha was very focused on cardio while Beta emphasizes more on core work and please note: core work is not a walk in the park. Having a strong core is great for improving athletic performance so if you want to improve your performance in any sporting activity whether it be running, tennis, basketball, hockey etc, you need a strong core. Your core is the link between your upper and lower body and it’s critical to sports performance. I can already feel the difference when I go jogging, it’s less taxing on my body than it used to be when I did no form of strength or core strength training. My muscles have more stamina so I can run longer before I start to feel fatigued.

My favorite workout in Alpha was Ab intervals mainly because it didn’t get me breathing too hard. I’m not a fan of cardio so the cardio workout was the one I dreaded the most closely followed by Total body circuit which was a strength based workout. However now that I’m in Beta I am finding cardio to be the easiest workout to do because my breathing and stamina has improved. I don’t have a Beta workout that I dread yet though upper focus can be quite exhausting for my arm muscles.

Missed days

I didn’t skip any workout days but I have missed 2 Sunday stretch workouts during Focus T25 so far which I’m not worried about.

Additional workouts

Now that I’m used to the routine I’ve added jogging into the mix again. So far I go once a week, usually Sundays, for 30 to 40 mins. I haven’t been consistent with my ab and squat challenges because sometimes I just don’t have time but when I can I squeeze them in. At the very least I do them 3 days a week.


Shaun T has finally added weights in the Beta workouts which I’m happy about, I love weights! So far I’m using 2kgs but I will up it to 3kgs soon.


According to my weekly measurements I’ve lost between 1.5-2inches on my arms, waist and thighs. I’m not keeping up with weight measurements because I don’t own a scale. My abs are improving significantly, they are beginning to take shape and I’m extremely excited about that! If I can just get abs like Kelly Rowland’s I will be the happiest girl on earth!

Kelly Rowland
Kelly Rowland

I will now end the update with a fun exercise for you to try; bicycle kicks and a v-sit from the Beta Dynamic core workout. Do 4 bicycle kicks followed by a 4 second v-sit and see if you can continue alternating between the two for a minute.

Bicycle kicks
Bicycle kicks

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