Focus T25: 2 week update

t25So I have been doing the Focus T25 workout for 2 weeks now (started my 3rd week today) and so far I am extremely happy with how it’s going!

Just in case you missed my earlier post on it here’s a quick intro:

T25 has 16  videos and each video targets different areas of the body. The full program takes 14 weeks but it is split into 3 sections aptly titled Alpha, Beta and Gamma. The Alpha section is 5 weeks and focuses on the foundation – in short getting your body prepped for the work ahead. The Beta section is 5 weeks and focuses on the core. The Gamma section is 4 weeks, concentrates on strength and is optional.

Alpha videos: Cardio, Total Body Circuit, Ab Intervals, Lower Focus, Stretch and Speed 1.0.

Workout schedule

I work out 5 days out of the week and rest on Saturday. I do my workouts in the mornings between 5 and 6am. I had workout buddies who got up at that time so I had to as well. Week 1 was easy in terms of getting up but week 2 was so hard! I would be half asleep when going to my “gym” which is the basket ball courts on the University of Botswana campus.

Focus T25 has a calender that tells you which videos to do and it changes every week so it never gets predictable or boring.focus_t25_alpha_schedule Friday is double day which means you do 2 videos instead of 1 so the workout is an hour long. Those days are the worst! You have the option of moving 1 of the videos to Saturday but that would mean you get no rest day. Saturday is Stats day which is where you measure your body to see your progress. Sundays are reserved for the stretch video where you do stretching exercises that are similar to yoga.

The Focus T25 Alpha experience

It’s only 25 minutes but boy does Shaun make you work for it! I sweat as though I’m in a sauna during his workout! There’s no way one cannot see results from doing this DVD if you put effort into it. Cardio, Lower Focus and Total body circuit are the ones that  I dread the most! Absolutely painful. Cardio gets your heart going crazy. Lower focus concentrates on legs and makes my quads beg for mercy. Total Body Circuit keeps your body guessing as you alternate between arm work, leg work, ab work and cardio. It’s unbearable. But because it’s 25 minutes, it’s manageable torture.

I am currently in my 3rd week, haven’t missed a single day yet (except for one of my stretch sundays which I’m not too worried about) and already I’m seeing results. I have lost 0.5 inches all around (thighs, waist and arms) which I’m quite excited about. The dreams this DVD is selling may be for real after all!

Working out with Shaun T

Shaun T’s style of training is much sweeter so to speak than Jillian Michaels. He doesn’t yell or shout, just gives you continuous encouragement throughout the workout. He seems like such a nice guy! His sidekicks are motivating and his workout is not too easy for them which is good to see. They have moments where they slow down or pause for a break too, they are human! I can now see that my fitness level definitely needs to be a couple levels higher for me to be able to do Insanity comfortably because the 25 minutes I am currently doing takes a lot out of me.

Workout Challenges

ab-challenge-calendarI have started a new ab challenge for my lower abs. I want to concentrate on that pooch we females struggle to get rid of. I’m in love with these small 30 days challenges and I’m thinking of adding an arms challenge or legs challenge soon and alternating them all over a couple of days. I have to negotiate with my body first though.

How’s your workout mission going? Keep moving!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lebo says:

    Hey there, I’ve also completed ripped in 30 by Jillian. I’m looking for something new as i was getting bored with the same routine. I have lost some weight but i still have a long way to go (you see I’m loosing baby weight). I’m def interested from reading your post about T25. How do u get the dvd workouts?

    1. Brandy says:

      Hello! sorry for the really delayed response! I downloaded the T25 workout online. Where are you located? I don’t mind giving you a copy if it’s possible.

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