Goodbye Jillian, hello Shaun T!

So I have finally completed the Ripped in 30 DVD by Jillian Michaels and I must say, I am pleased with the results! My arms are beginning to get noticeably toned and my abs are starting to peak through the belly fat, yay! Pics below…

IMG_20140106_090948 IMG-20140106-00575Now I still have a long way to go but at least I can now see that I’m getting somewhere. During my holiday workout session which was about 3 weeks is when I stayed most consistent with my workouts. I enjoyed Ripped in 30 quite a lot and I am definitely a solid fan of Jillian Michaels now. I love the strength parts and I’m so happy that she keeps the cardio down to 2 minutes per circuit. I would certainly recommend her DVDs (30 day shred and Ripped in 30) to those just starting out on their fitness journey. They are doable and will get your stamina and strength up for more taxing hour long workout DVDs.

Focus T25

Now Shaun T is whole different cup of tea. Unfortunately he loves cardio and his workout DVD is a lot more complex than Jillian’s. T25 has 16  videos, I won’t bother to list them all because it’s all so tedious, and each video targets different areas of the body. The full program takes 14 weeks but it is split into 3 sections aptly titled Alpha, Beta and Gamma.

The Alpha section is 5 weeks and focuses on the foundation – in short getting your body prepped for the work ahead. The Beta section is 5 weeks and focuses on the core. The Gamma section is 4 weeks, concentrates on strength and is optional. I am so eager to get to Gamma! I miss strength training! That’s not to say my muscles are not working in the Alpha stage, my legs (especially my quads) hated me after the Cardio Alpha workout. There is some strength training in Beta although it’s not as intense as Gamma.

I love that its only 25 minutes because it’s not as intimidating as Insanity which is an hour per workout. That’s not to say you won’t sweat and beg for mercy but you will get through it. In addition, because it’s so short, you are more eager to push as hard as possible. There is little room for slacking with Shaun T as there are calenders to keep up with so hopefully I won’t skip any days. I will go into more detail about the DVD as I progress. Looking forward to what Shaun T has in store for me!

Ab and Squat Challenge

I have completed my squat challenge and I must say I actually enjoyed it. The results are not really visible yet but my quads have definitely gotten stronger. The first time I had to do 100 squats I took breaks every 15-20 squats. Now I can do 50 in one go without much stress. Now that I’m done with the challenge I want to up the intensity by trying a Pop sugar squat challenge that includes a variation of squats. That way I get different muscles to join the

I am on the last 4 days of my abs challenge and likewise I will find a replacement for it when it is done. I may opt to look for a legs challenge to add to my workout routine but the jury’s still out on that.

Jogging and Yoga

My weekly jogging routine may be abandoned because Shaun T has me working out every day except Saturday on his calender and given the amount of cardio he has me already doing I am fine with that! Doubt I can squeeze yoga in either but I may try to on Sundays.

How is your fitness journey going so far?


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