My Holiday workout plan…

Holidays are notorious for killing all the workout dedication one has had throughout the year but this year I refused to give in to it! Oddly enough, before the holidays I went through a workout slump that had me not picking up my weights for almost 2 weeks! Shameful. However I have accepted that this will happen from time to time. What’s important is that these slumps don’t become a month long or more. I always get back into it after the guilt sets in.

My holiday break is 3 weeks and I do admit at the beginning of it I was trying to find ways to avoid the whole workout thing. But then one morning my sister jumped onto the elliptical machine we have sitting in our corridor and I felt guilty, ha! So I decided to jump back on the wagon. I’m on week 3 now and this is what I’ve been doing:

Ripped in 30

I’m still trying to finish the Ripped in 30 DVD by Jillian Michaels and I am happy to say I am finally on level 4!!! I love Jillian’s workouts because they target the whole body and she tells you exactly what you’re working on during the DVD. My favourite sections are the strength ones, though when I’m in it I’m never too happy about them but they make me feel strong.

Level 4 is not for the fainthearted, even her side kicks doing the demonstrations are defeated by the time the workout is over. At least I don’t suffer alone. The worst has to be circuit 1 strength because she makes you do a stationary squat combined with a press followed by a stationary squat and a row. It’s not cute, it hurts people!

Stationary squat and upright press
Stationary squat and upright press
Stationary squat and dumbbell row
Stationary squat and dumbbell row

7 days of this torture disguised as exercise then I move on to Shaun T’s T25 workout, so pumped!


I cut myself some slack on the jogging thing mostly because it’s the one thing I hate doing. So I did it once a week. I’m not even sure what distance I run but it takes me about 30 to 40 minutes to finish it. Any longer than that and I wouldn’t be able to convince myself to do it at all. I have fun on my runs though, I get stared at and sweat till I can be smelled a mile away. Jogs make me feel great!

Ab Challenge and Squat Challenge

tumblr_midnfppwu71qg6je7o1_500I began the squat challenge before the holidays and I’ve kept it up so far. I’m on Day 23 which is 190 squats. It was so easy at the beginning, not so much anymore. By the time I reach 100, my body’s considerably warmed up and it starts to feel like a Jillian workout. But I’m determined to get a cute round booty so I won’t slack.

579549_207774462679842_661808878_nI began the abs challenge during the holidays and it is, for the lack of a better word, challenging. I’m on day 11 which requires me to do 65 crunches, 33 leg raises and a 42 second plank. The leg raises are torture but I’ll do anything to get rid of that stubborn pouch all women tend to have in the lower abs.

Hope you all kept up your workouts during the holidays and made sure to not throw all diet rules out the window completely!

Happy holidays!


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