Black girl in China: A day in Shen Zhen (Part 2)

In part 1 I shared what we got up to during the first half of our day in Shen Zhen, it’s time for part 2!

We had lunch at the Folk culture village restaurant that was just outside the entrance to the theme park. After lunch we were given a chance to browse the stalls around the restaurant that had tons of tourist items. I bought a Chinese theater mask for a friend then walked away before I wasted my money on anything else I didn’t need.

???????????????????????????????We reentered the theme park and walked in a different direction to the one we had taken earlier. Our guide wanted us to take a leisurely stroll through the park so that we could see the various mini villages.??????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 10 minutes in, we came across a bridge over a man made river and from it we spotted some people zip-lining from a man made rock cliff. My roommate and I immediately made a beeline for the rock refusing to heed to our guides protests. She eventually conceded and allowed us to go up, all the while our teacher was asking us if we could swim in case we fell into the water. ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????The operators of the zip-liner assured her we’d be fine so we paid the equivalent of about 15 pula and got strapped in. It was so short but incredibly thrilling, so much so that we went a second time and I guess we must have sold it to the rest of the group because they decided to try it too.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????Afterwards  my friend and I were ambushed by some Chinese tourists and stopped to take pictures. When that was done, we realised we had lost the rest of the group! Our guide was not amused when she finally found us.??????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? We then headed to our first show which was a Mongolian horse show. I think we would have really enjoyed it had they spoken English… -_- However we could tell it was about some battle and there were some interesting stunts done by the performers on the horses during the show.??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? I also took my first horse ride before the show started which was a tad bit nerve wrecking. Doubt I could get used to that, I felt like the horse would kick me off any second.???????????????????????????????After that we went to a costume show. Again I had no idea what was going on due to the language barrier but it was stunning to watch. The show consisted of various dance performances and spectacular costumes. The stage sets were incredibly beautiful too, again, no one does sensory overload like China!??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Towards the end of the show, some of us had began to doze off, exhausted from the constant touring. The next day was a free day which we could use for shopping then we were to leave China the following day in the early evening. Therefore this is my last tourist post, however I will write one more post about my general experience as far as daily life (and clubbing) in China.

In terms of tourism China has so much to offer it’s ridiculous. It would take a lifetime to visit and appreciate all the attractions it possesses, both natural and man made. I love that they keep the ancient and the modern side by side. You can drive from a giant sky scraper (Oriental pearl tower) to an ancient temple (Yuyuan garden) in 30 minutes. I hope to go back there to tour or even live there one day. China, I am not done with you just yet!



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