A moment with Fashion designer Rumbi C of RumbiRumbi…

It’s time for us to chat with someone in the design field that I met very early on during my University years. She was actually my room mate for 1 and a half years and we became good friends in no time! She inspires me because she did what most people do not have the guts to do at our age due to pressure from parents or even friends, she quit pursuing a career in law in order to follow her true passion: fashion design.

I remember going through her sketch books and hearing her describe with such excitement what exactly the sketched clothes look like and what materials she’d use to make them. Even so, I was one of the people who was more nervous for her than excited when she declared that she was dropping out of school to go and find her place in fashion world. After working with various designers she finally decided to take all she has learned and create RumbiRumbi. Fast forward a few years later and she’s only going from strength to strength.

What a little perseverance, determination and hard work can do for you.

Meet my dear friend and up and coming designer, Rumbi.


Who is Rumbi Chirumbwana?

A christian, business woman, creative, curious being, daughter, friend, girl-friend and sister.

When did you discover your love for fashion design?

Mom says, I began sketching the female form at 4, however my passion to want to perfect my sketchwork as well as appreciate women’s fashion, began at the age of 14.


When did you decide to turn it from a hobby
into a business?

I knew at 14 I wanted to own my own clothing brand before 30, but I took the bold step of going into business in October 2011 when I quit my job and my brother encouraged me on.


What challenges have you had along the way?

Funding to get started, pricing products in such a way that overheads are met and meeting deadlines.

What is your design process?

There’s no set or defined ‘process’ per say. I always begin by asking the Holy Spirit for inspiration, wisdom & guidance. Then I envision a time-frame for release to the public, then a look at overseas trends & colour, African ethnic tribal dress and colour. I like to read about past & current political and socioeconomic news, visit gallery show cases or take long walks. I then begin to sketch pieces together, taking all this into consideration.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

From everything, the world literally is my teacher!

Who is the Rumbirumbi client?

The versatile urban woman.


Would you consider yourself a fashionista?

Not in the least.

What’s your biggest achievement as a designer thus far?

Getting my business started.

What events have you showcased at?

The Zimbabwean Clothing Indaba.

What dreams do you have for your label?

Global appreciation and recognition.


What advice would you give for someone aspiring to enter the design world?

Trust in the Greatest Creator of all time, Be prepared to develop a thick skin (criticism WILL come) and remain true to yourself.

How does one contact you?

Facebook: rumbirumbiclothing
Email: rumbirumbi@gmail.com
The website is currently under construction but will be up and running mid August. The second range will also be ready mid august so keep an eye out!
Website (coming soon) : http://www.rumbirumbi.com


A big thank you to Rumbi for her time!


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