Model Stalking: Carol M

It’s time to touch base with another local model, one that I have known for a while now. Blessed with lean legs, an enviable pout and a striking catwalk, Carol is ever smiling, energetic and often entertains us with her playful dancing during castings.

Her love for modelling is apparent in conversations she and I have had and with that determination, there will be no stopping her!

Get familiar with the lovely Carol M…1063253_10201582102781216_44979705_n

When did you start modelling and why?

A very good friend of mine was utterly convinced that I’m meant to do this so she hooked me up with her photographer friend. Her cousin did my make-up, we played ‘dress up’ and we set up for an adventurous photo shoot in our neighborhood one warm night back in 2009, and voila! Curiosity paid out for this cat.


What was your first modelling job and what was it like?

I was fortunate enough to be the only black girl among the Indian girls (and gosh were they pretty!) taking part in an Indian Festival fashion show in Malaysia. Showcasing Indian clothing was an amazing, nerve-wrecking, and humbling experience.

What are the toughest things about the modelling environment in Botswana for you?

Young as this industry is, it has managed to arrive at a stagnant state where there really isn’t much of a drive to be better. I feel like we are stuck and are not really challenged to grow. In addition the pay is sometimes disheartening as it doesn’t allow for one to make a career out of modeling and in turn its viewed as hobby…which it shouldn’t be.

209921_1964117423047_2301056_oWhat have been the highlights of your modelling career?

My first ever fashion show in Botswana: Gaborone Fashion Night, 2011.
Showcasing bridal gowns at the first ever Wedding Expo that took place this year, it was surreal. (I even finally modeled for Black Trash that evening after years hoping and hoping to model their hardcore edgy designs).
Being the first face modelling an exquisite diamond piece at the DTC fashion show this year.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a model?

My strengths are my walk and my features which enable me to pull off a fierce look on the ramp. Having an exotic African face allows me to transform completely and as a result I am quite photogenic.
My main weakness is my habit to underestimate my talent.

Photo credit: Mikey S

What is your ultimate modelling dream?

To sashay down the ramp adorned in Victoria Secret lingerie. (Far-fetched? Maybe. Possible? Definitely.)

What has modelling taught you about yourself?

That I’m a big dreamer and can persist and pursue with a passion.

Who are your favorite African designers?

Taibo Bacar and Gert Coetzee.

Photo credit: Mikey S

What advice would you give to anyone trying to model in Botswana?

Love your talent enough to walk away from “well-meaning” agents who will suck you dry not fulfilling their promises, believe in yourself, work vigorously to carve yourself into a brand, and most importantly patience is a virtue.

Photo Credit: Uyapo Ketogetswe (Haus of Kings)
Photo Credit: Uyapo Ketogetswe (Haus of Kings)

A big thank you to the lovely Carol for her time!


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