Protwerkers drop it low in Botswana

A couple of weeks ago, the South African twerk team Protwerkers came across the border to show us what they’re working wit…

Promo poster

I’m sure when the poster went up quite a few debates sparked about whether one should be seen at such an event or if a female would support her significant other in going to such an event. Without a doubt I can confidently say all women sternly told their partners you are not to go under any circumstances!! And these women would probably share the opinion of this blogger. But I’m sure some men found a way there regardless (I spotted a man wearing a wedding ring at the event).

For those who are not in the know, twerking, as defined by the Urban Dictionary, is “the rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal”. It is not for everybody though, one has to be in possession of specific assets and a certain skills set. You will understand what I mean when you see the videos.

But is twerking really so bad or immoral? I think not. They are not stripping after all and les-be-honest, Africans have done worse. For whatever reason when nakedness or normally indecent behaviour is in the name of culture it’s ok. So King Mswathi III can watch hundreds of girls parade and dance topless but heaven forbid a female leaves the house in tight shorts! Maybe if those shorts were made of cow hide no one would blink, eh. I’m indifferent. Let the ladies make their money, society is supporting it after all!

Case in point, check out this old school Awilo Longoba video….

And to think our parents or uncles used to or still love this music.

If you’ve been to a club recently I’m sure you’ve spotted a girl or two try her hand at twerking. It’s quite a popular form of dance in the hip hop community and it’s spreading….Mylie Cyrus, yes Mylie, has a twerking video. And recently a group of high school girls got suspended for shooting a twerking video on school grounds. Teens everywhere are giving it a go in front of their mirrors at home. It also doesn’t help that popular artists like Ciara (wait till the end of the video) have showcased their own skills too.

So I decided to go to the event and see if we could do it any better or just as good as the Americans we see twerking in videos online. The event itself was poor; a combination of low turn out, poor choice of venue and a tired audience made the general experience a bad one. Rappers Mr Doe a.k.a Fosta Juliano and Scar who was joined by Sasa Klass, performed to warm the crowd up however they weren’t received very well. This was probably due to the crowd’s impatience and bad manners, after all, they were fully aware those performances were to take place. The protwerkers finally took to the stage and put on a 10 minute show, edited video below:

Skill wise, they had it all; the splits, intricate movements, hand stands….etc. We were a tad bit disappointed it was not longer given the price of the tickets however after a while twerking does get quite repetitive. It would have been nice if they had made it more of an interactive show. A competition was also supposed to take place where audience members would be invited to twerk for a good chunk of change but that didn’t happen either.

It was surprising that there were so many ladies there to watch the show, one would expect it to be a gentlemen only event. After the ladies were done, they left the stage and 80% of the crowd left with them as they had seen what they came for.

If you want to know more about the girls, check out their Facebook page and see what they get up to. They are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa, performing at clubs and hip hop shows including recently opening for Kanye West. According to an announcement on their page they will also be getting a TV show soon (check out the trailer here). This is definitely not the last time you will hear about the Protwerkers!


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