iZaura by Mothusi Lesolle shows at Picnic in the sky

27128_10152339213956531_143554466_nGaborone’s fashion conscious are becoming spoilt for choice these days with the gradual growth of the local fashion scene. Thank you to Gaborone’s 2 annual fashion shows, Color in the Desert Fashion Week and Lapologa Gaborone Fashion Week, local designers now have a platform to showcase their work to the local market. With so many budding designers offering their work, it then becomes about quality and uniqueness. No female wants an outfit that doesn’t carry a strong statement about her body and her style. If that is what you are looking for in a garment, then iZaura by Mothusi Lesolle will certainly give it to you.

Mothusi Lesolle
The ever stylish Mothusi Lesolle

Mothusi Lesolle could probably be described by some as a larger than life character, outspoken and very particular about what he likes or doesn’t like. His style says it all, he’s bold and always willing to take a chance. Diving into the local fashion industry certainly takes a person with such characteristics so it is almost no surprise that this is where his hands led him. He is no newbie though, having been immersed in the local fashion industry for a long time as he is part of the team that bring us the Colour in the Desert Fashion week every year. From his designs, you can see he clearly learned a thing or two while working behind the scenes.

The Picnic in the sky event held on the roof top of Lansmore Hotel, is where Mothusi saw it fit to show some of his handiwork and it couldn’t have been a more perfect location or event. The relaxed, picnic setting allowed a more intimate showing than one that you’d get at a fully fledged fashion show. Models were able to walk among the seated attendees and mingle with them as the evening went on.

A models job, in conjunction with the make up and styling, is to sell the clothing to the viewers and communicate the attitude and feeling the clothes are meant to give you. All the models-including me-immediately felt sensual, womanly and of course super fine as soon as we put his clothes on and we would have happily gone home with them on. And evidently it showed because we received many compliments while we mingled later on during the night.


The lovely Nature and I
Miss Michelle

After lots of “behind the scenes” picture taking, we went up to the roof top. One by one, the models walked through the seated attendees and joined the designer at a designated area at one end of the roof.IMG_2732?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? After photos were taken, we were allowed to get a drink and something to eat. The event itself was brilliant, perfect way to spend a warm summer evening. Beautiful views, lots of finger food, free cocktails from the House of Kings Stall and some mellow 90s R&B/Hiphop kept us in a good mood.


We forced the Lapologa photographer to join us in front of the camera 🙂
Some of the yummy finger food
African Lace stall, visit the African Lace Facebook page to see more
Cheesing with fellow blogger and friend, Kwame
Make up artist Gwen Lebo Isaacs


Haus of Kings Editor, Uyapo
Haus of Kings Editor, Uyapo

Hop on over to Haus of Kings to see more pictures from the event.

I for one look forward to having an iZaura design in my wardrobe soon!  If you are interested, contact Mothusi on +267 3911888 or +267 71486332. Alternatively, you can send your emails to mothusi.lesolle@gmail.com


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  1. Kagiso says:

    I love ths clothes..thy r superb.How can I join to showcase thm???????

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