3D cinema arrives in Gabs!!!

We have been waiting for forever for New Capitol cinemas to do the right thing and they finally did! Masa center is now home to the first 3D cinema in Gaborone. No more hopping across the border to see 3D movies.

If I am not mistaken they opened a week ago. There are located in the mall’s basement just behind Capellos Restaurant. I went there last week Friday with a friend to watch Gangster squad, follow this link for the trailer.

Masa Center at night
The escalators leading down to the cinema

The cinema itself is quite small, but just big enough for Gabs crowds.The movies that are showing in 3D are indicated on the movie lineup which can be picked up by the counter at any of the cinemas or viewed online here.

The entrance from the underground parking bay
The entrance from the underground parking bay

20130125_202210A 3D movie is 75 pula per person while a 2D movie is 50 pula per person. I was VERY pleased with the picture quality, a big upgrade from the grainy pictures we often see at Riverwalk or Game City cinemas.20130125_202221

This is now the only place I want to watch any movie because everything is just better there! Most likely because it’s all new 🙂

So if you’re bored one evening, go be entertained or as new capitol puts it: see the big picture!

(Call 3971966 for more info)


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  1. Khumo says:

    Great stuff right here!!!!!

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