Rhythm Art Poetry at Alliance Francaise

At the beginning of last month I attended the Rhythm art poetry event at Alliance Francaise in Gaborone. It is a series of events that has been going on for a while now however I was attracted to this particular one because it incorporated Graffiti in it. I don’t know much about graffiti personally but anyone who has appreciated hip-hop in their lives will have come across graffiti at some point as it is deeply ingrained within the hip-hop culture.

I had intended to attend the tagging workshops that afternoon but due to circumstance I was only able to go for the evening part of the event. Luckily I caught the graffiti masters still doing their work so I got to watch them in their element. However, I do wish I had seen them from the start so as to see the progression.

Upon entering we got to do our own “graffiti” work by signing a board.

IMG_2573The evening was mainly for live poetry performances and music. I fell out of love with poetry some time back so it’s been a while since I attended any event that mildly involved poetry. However, I did appreciate some of the pieces that we heard by poets.

IMG_2591There was a cash bar available so I kept my taste buds busy with a cup of boxed white wine. During one of the music breaks I sought out two of the graffiti artists: a local artist who’s name has slipped my mind and one of the events main attractions Capetownian artist Mak1one. I asked them about their work, the meaning behind the pieces , inspirations and how they got into the art. Mak1one was incredibly friendly and energetic for someone who’s attention I’m sure was required by many people during the event. We ended up talking about everything from countries he’s been to in Africa, natural hair, my blogs and using graffiti to send positive messages into the community.

Local graffiti artist standing next to his work
Local graffiti artist standing next to his work

The local artist said his piece signified the importance of the small things in life.

Mack1one and I
Mak1one and I

All in all it was a pleasant evening. I do regret not attending the workshops though and should a graffiti themed event come around again I’ll be sure to be the first one there!

Take a peak at the work the graffiti the artists did below.


Local Graffiti artist and rapper Khwezi




“Kush” 🙂
Artist at work…
One of my favourites
My favourite

Check out Khwezi’s video for Mercury Rising here, Mak1one’s speech at a T.E.D conference here and his Facebook page here.


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