The No 1 ladies Opera House – Coffee shop and Restaurant

I had heard of this place once before from someone who mentioned it in passing but I had no idea where it was. It happens to be located right next door to Kgale Siding. It’s a cute odd place. Perfect for artsy occasions such as art exhibitions, poetry nights, plays, performances and so on.

The entrance

Some of the crafts they have for sale

It would also be a lovely place to host a private dinner or something.  However, its VERY hot inside!!! On a cloudy afternoon, the interior felt like an oven. There is a small stage and a few built in benches decorated with animal skin pillows for a small audience to sit on.

The tiny stage

A creative chandelier

There were two ladies there who served my friend and I some boxed wine. They also serve food and have a small menu boasting sandwiches, burgers, coffee and such.

Such a lovely place to chill and have a drink. Must go there with a group of friends next time.


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