Food and wine show review (2012)

Here is my quick run down of the Food and Wine show that took place a week ago!

A Hungry African

So I’m about a week behind in writing about this show, however, I really wanted to get through my bevy of recipes before I did this post so we are finally here! The Gaborone Food and Wine show was brought to us by Airport Junction, Lapologa, Builders World, The Gazette and Gabz FM. Luckily I did not have to pay for my ticket, Lapologa hooked me up through a competition they ran in the weeks leading up to the event. However a ticket was 120 pula including a free tasting wine glass and 60 pula worth of tokens.

When I arrived and first saw the location it looked very small and I began getting worried that I had mislead the friends that I had insisted come along with me. Tentatively I entered, bought my tokens (my ticket, being complimentary, did not include tokens) and walked around a little while I sipped…

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