Gaborone Fashion Weekend quick review (With updated links)

So the Fashion weekend came and went and though I wasn’t in it this year or got to watch it I was busy because of it. I got a promotional job as a Redds girl and as Redds were one of the sponsors of the show we were working at the event too. We basically gave out free samples of Redds original cider and Redds dry at the event. It was exhausting, painful (standing in heels for 4-5 hours straight) and at times absolutely awful (our hands froze from handling the cold drinks, dealing with annoying patrons and sustaining minor cuts from endless twisting of bottle caps) but all in all I was glad I got to go at all.

My Redds outfit 🙂

I was able to sneak a peek of the runway here and there, take a pic with Quincy Brown…

Quincy Brown gettin some groupie love from moi 🙂

…and watch some of my friends in fashion reach new heights in their fashion journeys. So used to being on the inside, I now got the view from the outside. I won’t lie though, I missed backstage and being with fellow models and the excitement of walking but on the upside I got to work with some fun females! Shout out to the Redds girls! 🙂

My fellow Redds girl Edith at our work station 🙂

My buddy Michelle killed it on the runway, as did Ms Natora in her firery orange fro.

L-R: Michelle and Nature. Click this link to see more from the Gaborone Fashion Weekend page….

The clothes I did get a glimpse of were fabulous! Featuring in the line up was Di-Monde Reign designer Lebo Merafhe who designed my first African print dress and jacket (see here). She’s new on the fashion scene and it’s awesome to see her progress so fast.

Lebo Merafhe of Di-monde Reign Designs
Some of the lovely print jackets at the Di-Monde Reign Designs stall

It was also a first for jewelry designers Sino of D’Vine Creations and Boitshoko of House of Divinity. My first modelling shoot was actually for these two ladies a couple of years back. They have been featured in shows before but as accessories to a designers fashion line, this time their jewelry was show cased within its own right.

Michelle wearing jewelry from one of the featured designers… Follow this link to see more on the Gaborone Fashion Weekend page…

Now since my camera died I couldn’t take any pictures so you will have to satiate your appetite on the following pages and blogs:

Gatsh Fros : They run down their stylist experience and give you a glimpse of backstage

Gaborone Fashion Weekend Facebook page: From behind the scenes to the collections of specific designers, there are tons of albums to keep you happy

Beatie Chronicles: a quick round up from the perspective of an audience member

Urban Mosadi: A look at the show through her eyes…

Studio B Fashion: A quick recap of what went down.

Okay Africa: A quick recap of the whole fashion weekend.

I will update the list as more bloggers do the damn thing 🙂

As for the event itself, most were satisfied with it. There were a few complaints of extremely long interludes between changes, the show not starting on time etc, as with any big event though, glitches are to be expected.

I was sad to see such a poor turnout on Friday which was when majority of the local designers featured. I am not sure if that was the fault of the line up arrangement (being that the international designers on day 2 are the ones that draw a bigger crowd) or ticket prices.

There was considerable diversity in the audience which was refreshing. I saw the young, old, men and women at the Redds table and there was quite a healthy crop of photographers present. The infamous heavy metal cowboys also made an appearance and oddly enough they’re quite a nice bunch!

The venue was quite “different” and went with the theme of the show which was “Under construction”, however the acoustics in the venue were a bit annoying given the high warehouse like ceiling.

For their second year in existence I think the show did quite well. The show will also give models and designers alike a considerable boost in their careers as various international fashion gurus were present such as Arieta Mujay PR Manager at River Island UK and  Helen Jennings of Arise Magazine.

All in all, a great weekend in fashion for Botswana!

We now look forward to Colour in the Desert Fashion Week in a couple of weeks. Get your tickets now online at or at Issues Fashion Studio at Riverwalk. 300 Pula for one night and 500 Pula for both nights. I will update you all with information such as the designer line up as it becomes available.


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