Gaborone Fashion weekend (GFW) and Color in the desert fashion week (CITDFW) promo pics!

So the promo pictures are rolling in, GFW is sooner than CITDFW so theirs are coming out faster. Tickets are already on sale to my understanding and they have a competition on their Facebook page where you can win a normal or VIP ticket, go ahead and try your luck! As mentioned before Emma Wareus is the face of GFW so she is featured in all the pictures below.

Photo credit: Shike Olsen
Photo credit: Shike Olsen
Photo credit: Shike Olsen
Photo credit: Shike Olsen

And if you haven’t seen it, take a look at the GFW trailer video below….

The face of CITDFW is someone who last year was just as nervous as we were during auditions for the first GFW show and CITDFW show. Now having got quite a few shows under her belt (Swahili Fashion Week included) she’s the new face of CITDFW replacing Kaone Kario who was the face last year. The first promo pic of the show has been released, meet Julia!

photo credit: Mikey S

Excited to see the rest! Keep an eye on the CITDFW Facebook page and CITDFW Twitter page for more info.

There is a lot of eye candy for fashion lovers this coming month! Get your Pulas and Thebes together and get yourself tickets!


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