Fashion week Frenzy


This past weekend, model casting for the Colour in the desert fashion week took place. There were many familiar faces and some new faces too. It was nice to meet up with the models from last year and see how everyone has changed over the year. You can always tell who the new people are by how they dress. For whatever reason people think models wear tight short freekum dresses to castings when in fact we live in tight jeans and vests/wife beaters. Oh well.

I was as nervous during my audition as I was last year. No matter how many times I do it, it’s as nerve wrecking as the first time. But I think things went well. I don’t want to count my chickens before they hatch though because up until the night of the show, you can get cut at any time. There will probably be a second round of auditions at some point though nothing’s been confirmed yet. We wait anxiously. The Colour in the Desert fashion week will take place from 27th August – 2nd September. A definite must for all fashion lovers!

Also taking place in August on the 11th and 12th is Gaborone Fashion weekend. It was the first big runway show I did and is also an annual show like Colour in the Desert Fashion week. So far it is said that Sessile Lopez, Solange and Tyson Beckford are to attend in addition to a laundry list of other celebrities, we shall wait and see…

Miss Botswana 2010 and Miss world 2010 runner up Emma Wareus will be the face of Gaborone Fashion weekend this year replacing Botswana’s Face of Africa winner Kaone Kario. Tickets are going on sale soon and model casting for the show will be on the 29th of July.

Will put up more information when the designer line ups are released for both shows. In the mean time like the Gaborone fashion weekend Facebook page, the Colour in the Desert facebook page and follow the Colour in the Desert twitter account for more info!

You can also read my Gaborone Fashion week post and Colour in the desert fashion week post from last year.


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