Play time…

When was the last time you amused yourself with a Barbie or a Lego set?

Barbie has a Nigerian wedding

It has been a while since I played with a Barbie but I have fond memories of giving my nanny a brain aneurysm from the mess I’d make with my Barbies. At some point my mum bought me a black Barbie (however I was convinced she was either African American or a dark skinned Indian because she had straight waist length hair) and that Barbie ended up being the last one standing. The others would always get lost or swapped for others during play dates. The black Barbie is the one I refused to let go. Now if my mum had got me the Barbies featured in the photo shoot below, I would probably have had a stroke from excitement!

London based photographer Obi Nwokedi who does wedding photography as one of his services, decided to create a photo story of Black Barbie’s Nigerian wedding. They awakened my inner 8 year old that spent many an afternoon faffing about with Barbie outfits and tiny shoes and synthetic hair (I would even give them perms sometimes, ridiculous). My Barbie’s often had weddings too but none even remotely cool as this one! Take a look see below and jump on over to his website for the rest!

She even has little Louboutins! – Photography by Obi 
The bride with her Bridesmaids – Photography by Obi
Party time! –Photography by Obi
Faded, lol! –Photography by Obi 

Now if Mattel do not jump on this and produce a Barbie line like this they’re slacking! I would have killed for a set like this and most probably driven my parents insane. I hope some one takes notice.

Cool and complex Lego creations

Lego’s to me have never been quite as satisfying as Barbie’s (may have to do with my gender) but I did mess about with them once or twice. I just wasn’t as creative with them as most kids so after a few attempts at making things my interest would wane and I’d return to the dolls. The little Lego people did intrigue me tho…

I came across the Lego creations of 16 year old Paul Vermeesch via Yahoo recently. He’s been doing Lego models for a while but this particular piece he did imitating graphic artist Escher’s piece: Relativity, got him quite a bit of attention from the blogosphere . Picture below…

Paul decided to put a Star Wars spin on it and produced this….

Star Wars Relativity V2 – Paul Vermeesch
Star Wars Relativity V2 – Paul Vermeesch

The attention to detail in his work is ridiculous – in a good way 🙂

Hop on over to Yahoo to check out his interview where he details the time and effort it took to create Star Wars Relativity V2. He has an account on MOCpages where he showcases all his Lego creations, big and small. A few of my favorites are below…

Angry Birds Vignette – Paul Vermeesch
Ninja Assassin Vignette – Paul Vermeesch
Old Man and the Sea Vignette – Paul Vermeesch

Alright, play time is over! Back to being an adult. 🙂


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