Junk Yard Shoot and GFN extras

Photo credit – KoPhotography

Another shoot! Yay!!

A few months ago I wrote a post about a shoot I’d done for local fashion magazine “Sizzling” and though I have long had the photos that ended up in the magazine I wasn’t able to publicize them until permission was granted from the editor. Through some random Facebook frolicking though I found the photographers account and he happened to put up all my out takes! Awesome!

He has given me permission to show them off so here we are…

I worked with the Magazine editor (also a friend of mine) and photographer Kabo of Ko Photography; it was my first time working with them. The shoot was done in the junk yard of a local Mechanics and we did it just after the sun went down on a Friday evening. I remember one thing about that shoot: Mosquitoes. Gives me the shivers. If there’s any insect I despise on this earth its Mosquitoes. They were EVERY WHERE. But I kept a stiff upper lip and got through it. I had never done a night shoot before so that was a first and I must say I like how they came out.

The car was a b*&^$# to work with because it’s actually slanted and lower than it looks and it was quite rusty. So I had to find some way of interacting with it while not ruining the clothes with the rust and I had Mosquitoes to ignore. However it was a quick shoot, so our suffering was limited (after all I wasn’t the only one being harassed by Mosquitoes). I was styled by Lorraine of Liiqeriishwhom I did a feature on some time back. Enough talk! Photo’s below, enjoy!

Photo credit – KoPhotography
Photo credit – KoPhotography

And the last one…

Photo credit – KoPhotography

This makes me miss modelling so much! Must get back to it soon.

I also happened to find two flashback photos from last years Gaborone Fashion Night show (taking place again this year in about two months) of me on the runway. They are the first close ups of me that I’ve found so I am quite excited about that, wasn’t sure what my face looked like mid walk. Well I shall wonder no more!

Wearing Jophes 09267 (Photo credit – KoPhotography)
Wearing KOKETSO (Photo credit – KoPhotography)

5 Comments Add yours

  1. My French Heaven says:

    That car is a French classic and this girl is classic beauty!:0)

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Aww thank you! 🙂

      1. My French Heaven says:

        Why? Is she you?

      2. My French Heaven says:

        Why? Is it you?

      3. Ms Z. says:

        lol, yes it is 🙂

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