The High Line Park and Green Street in Porto Alegre,Brazil.

The High Line Park is a 1.5 mile elevated park spanning 22 blocks in New York and is absolutely stunning to look at! The High Line itself which is a train track, was built in the 1930s with the aim of removing trains from the streets of Manhattans largest industrial district. Trains ceased to run on the tracks in the 1980s and instead of being demolished the High Line was eventually transformed into an elevated public park.

The park opened in 2009 and boasts some of the best outdoor design I have seen. The mix of wood, concrete and beautiful landscaping  makes for some beautiful architectural elements. Seating elements include the park’s signature “peel-up” benches and riverview sundeck chaise lounges, and at night the lighting adds another dimension of beauty to the park. Definitely one of the places to visit on my bucket list!

A similar concept called The Low Line park is currently under development also in New York. It will be an underground park as the title suggests. The space to be used is a 1.5 acre terminal built in 1903 for trolley trains that shuttled passengers. The trolley service ended in 1948, the terminal closed and has been empty since.

Being underground, the location has no natural light so the LowLine will rely on fiber optic cables to transfer sunlight below ground. According to the designers of the underground park, this transported sunlight will also be able to support the growth of plant life. Below is a pictorial representation of what the park will look like.

If they pull this off it will be quite a visual feast!

Sources: The Guardian, The High Line park website.

Another interesting place I discovered is Green Street in Porto Alegre Brazil. Unlike the High Line Park this is a random production of nature. The street is called Rua Goncalo de Carvalho and 500meters (0.3 miles) of is is completely blanketed in Rosewood trees. The trees were planted in 1930 and over the years the rosewood grew and covered everything in its path turning the street into a pocket of green within a concrete jungle. The street is now a protected Latin Heritage site as of 2006.

There is something extremely calming about seeing so much greenery in one area. Must be a wonderful street to take walks on on summer evenings.

Aerial view

Sources: Funsterz, Twistedsifter, Walltowatch.


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