A quick chat with Tebbie from Something Sweet

My first feature on my food blog! Take a look see 🙂

A Hungry African

Meet owner of Something Sweet Custom baking company Tebbie O. She’s bakes up a storm in the kitchen and has made a business out of it.
When did you start baking?
I started baking with my best friend Michelle Sharp when were in our early teens, i’d say around 13.
Did you take a lessons to enhance your skills?
Yes I went to a local culinary school in Gaborone & took a cake decorating class.
When did you decide to start baking professionally?
I decided to profit from my hobby mid 2011 but took it seriously beginning of this year; 2012.
What are the biggest fails you’ve had in the kitchen?
Oh goodness, the biggest recurrent fails I have in the kitchen  is when the baked produce doesn’t come out right. You know what means; starting all over again!
What are you still trying to learn baking wise?

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