“Where d’you get that?” : Bags and shoes

The biggest motivator for me when buying clothes or anything really is uniqueness. The more rare the furniture, clothing, shoe etc is the more I want it. If you live around GC and are looking for unique clothes and bags right here heads up!

Meet Rabie who specialises in selling fabulous unique bags. Some of the bags she currently has in stock are below:

For those interested her number is 72711975 . Stock comes every month end and if people want to make specific orders they can talk to her and she’ll will find whatever you are looking for.  Her aim is to be a personal shopper for clients that are interested however bags are the standard product, everything else comes secondary.

Next up if you need shoes one of the best people to go to is Didah, owner of XIX Couture (19 couture). Check out some of the funky shoes she sells below:

Her contact number is 74711928 and you can email her at thedivahcloset@gmail.com. XIX Couture is a mobile boutique and in addition to selling the shoes, she also allows them to be used in photoshoots and adverts. The most recent collection is in and prices range from P350-P570.


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