A moment with…Gatsh Fros

Mix and miss!

Meet another fashion blogging duo based in Botswana called Gatsh Fros (Gatsh is pronounced Gash) comprising of Gaone and Tsholo.

Tsholo (left) and Gaone (right)

The two have christened their style “Gatsh”…

We “mix and miss”deliberately. We like breakin rules. We just dnt read terms and conditions, coz we are fearless pretty young thugs :). We wear anything  we want..and how we want it..mix and miss. It doesn’t have to match or be all colourful..if  you think its insane..then WE lOVE.thats a compliment. TO US IF U CANT UNDERSTAND how WE dressed..it brings us so much joy, we feed off from that. You don’t have to understand it. WE LOVE TO BE GATSTOOD.We don’t dress to impress, WE dress to confuse.Main aim is to look as undated as possible.TIMELESS. YES. Thats why we are here, we are the Gods of MIX AND MISS.the FASHION NERDS.

In addition to being stylists, they also write a weekly fashion column for a local newspaper called The Voice and have also been featured in Marie Claire SASunday Standard newspaper (Botswana), Monsieur Polk and Elle SA online among others. I caught up with one half of the duo Tsholo and asked her a few questions…

What’s your most prized item in your wardrobe?

My Michael Jackson inspired sequined jacket/blazer..and my drop waist 40’s vintage dress.

What are you dying to buy next?

I actually never shop with a purpose. I just buy whatever I like at the moment. I tend to just wander about and pick up anything I like without considering whether it even works or not. I know the ‘Fashion Rule Consensus’ is to consult your closet before you shop, and while that may work for some people , I will never do it myself nor even advice anyone else to for that matter. The ‘best’ way to shop is to keep an open mind, kick the rules out of the window and follow your heart and your own sensibility. Having all these shopping rules could cost you that great piece. So what if it doesn’t work with anything you already have today? who says you won’t find something that will complement it tomorrow? To even add to that I tend to buy off season. I buy things year round, I let things sit around for long so paying full price for something that could sit in my closet for months and even years seems foolish. BUT for now all am buying is vintage-timeless-classic pieces clothes/accessories/bags..the works!

What item do you think every girl should have?

I think every girl should have a PERFECTLY tailored fitted blazer. Both the fitted and boyfriend style look good..not forgetting a great bra.

Catch up with the fearless fashion duo on their Facebook page, Twitter and their blog. Check out some of their styling work below…

And in their words, are they “Gatshy” or “Trashy”?


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