Share your thoughts: Kony 2012

A campaign aiming to make Ugandan LRA rebel leader Joseph Kony famous with the goal of getting people to push for his capture has gone viral on the Internet. It has brought up many opposing views on the matter that have held my interest in the past few days. Watch the video that caused all this below, read the articles and give your view. Will you support this campaign or not?

Response from a Ugandan female blogger…

Article from Justice in Conflict:

Taking ‘Kony 2012′ Down A Notch

Article from The

Stop Kony, yes. But don’t stop asking questions

Article from The Daily What:

On Kony 2012

Article from The Pursuit:

Kony 2012: A Perspective on the Hype

I personally will cautiously watch from the sidelines…I am slightly skeptical of the rosy picture painted and the apparent simplicity portrayed of the issue. However I will not disagree that he should be brought to justice but that is not where the solution should end.

This is also another testament of how powerful social media is in today’s digital society.I am in awe of the power a link has in our world today.And to think I had my first Internet experience less than a decade ago…simply amazing.


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