Joseph Kony Is Still At Large and It’s all My Fault

I’m not one to comment on political issues because I don’t posses enough knowledge to do so, therefore I shall live vicariously through ‘Mind of Malaka’. The Kony 2012 issue has been quite the hot topic of late on various social media platforms and every time I form an opinion I read something else that alters it slightly. In addition to this post I have reblogged I shall post the relevant video that sparked the debate and links to articles that I’ve read commenting on the issue. As an African I feel it is important for us to be aware of such issues even if they may not directly affect us. Take the time to read this article and the others I shall post and let me know what your opinion is….
Happy reading!

Mind of Malaka

I generally like to reserve Friday posts for frivolity, but I have been requested to give my view on KONY2012. Please brace yourself for a rant.

Let’s call Joseph Kony what he is: a narcissist, a pedophile and a terrorist. Virtually unchecked, Joseph Kony has been carrying out his campaign of terror against innocent African civilians in Uganda, Sudan and the DRC since 1986. He and his goons have destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives, raped countless numbers of women and girls, and ripped families apart. His tools are his power of persuasion, and that failing, the barrel of the gun. For over 20 years, this one man – who in interviews described himself as God Almighty – has maimed, pillaged and burned the homes and bodies of innocents while the world twiddled their thumbs.

Now comes this #stopkony / KONY2012 campaign, spearheaded by a group of white kids who…

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