A moment with…Liiqeriish

There is no shortage of fashion obsessed blogs online where the fashionista flaunts his/her sense of style to provide inspiration for others. However given that I am nowhere near the stores they purchase clothing from they eventually lose their value to me. Being in Africa limits our wardrobe choices due to slow uptake of trends by the stores, lack of variety and cost, and some clothes are just too expensive here. And yes online shopping is an option but not for many. So it is a pleasure to find style/fashion blogs based in Africa by Africans who are working with a budget as we are but are still making the most of what they have.

add flavor to your style..

Lorraine(left) and Randy (right)

Meet Liiqeriish’s Randy and Lorraine. A fashion obsessed duo based in Botswana that have put their eye for fashion to good use. In their words their style encompasses:

Soul, Creativity, Sweet, Punk, Afrocentric elements, Beauty, Eclectic, Truth, Ambition, Poetry, Classic, Passion, Boldness, Enigma, and Ground.

I have known them for a while however I met them in their professional capacity when they styled a shoot I did for Sizzling magazine a few weeks ago.

I asked Randy from Liqeriish a couple of questions..

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe? 

A brown leather satchel bag that was handed down to me. It goes with everything; it can compliment a smart or casual outfit.

What are you dying to have?

Some skyscraper high heels that I ordered online and a professional camera for taking pictures on our blog.

What should every woman have in her closet?

Great accessories!!! You can never have enough!!

Check out some of their styling work below and make sure you visit their blogger blog here, their tumblr blog here and their facebook page here.


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  1. voguevale says:

    hi lov your blog…
    i follow you..
    check out my page if u want

    1. Ms Z. says:

      thanks! will do! 🙂

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