In my ear: Azealia Banks and K’Naan

Since I had quite a few artists in mind today I decided to do 2 In my ear posts according to genre. The first was pop/r&b and this one is hip-hop.

First up is Azealia Banks who hails from Harlem NY in the USA. Don’t let that sweet college girl smile fool you, this young lady has quite the potty mouth! And I love her for that; unapologetic, brash, but masked with innocence and a smile. Not only can she put a slick rhyme together but she also sings quite well. I also like that she comes with no bells and whistles, just her. I am quite excited for her to shake up the female rap industry and give us some variety. Nicki Minaj has done quite well awakening the worlds interest in female rappers once again and I hope they keep coming!

She is the young age of 20 currently (born 1991) and her debut album “Broke with expensive tastes” is due to be released some time this year. I am already looking forward to her upcoming album. However I am expecting her music to be “dumbed down” a little as I’m sure majority of fans won’t take to her potty mouth very well. In the mean time wet your appetite with 3 songs I can’t get enough of; “212” which has a techno/dance sound to it, “Running” and “L8R”.

Next up is an artist that has long been a favorite of mine however I thought he deserved a mention since he’s got a new single out. His name is K’Naan and hails from Somalia right here in Africa. He is 4 albums into his career and has made a fan of me. His first album “My life is a movie” was released in 2004, his 2nd album “Dusty foot philosopher” was released in 2005, his 3rd is “Troubadour” and was released in 2009.  His song “Waving flag” from the album “Troubadour” was chosen as Coca-Cola’s promotional anthem for the 2010 FIFA World Cup so those of you who watched the world cup should know that song VERY well!

His 4th album “More beautiful than silence” was released on January 31st 2012 and the singles include “Nothing to lose” feat Nas, “Better” and “Is there anybody out there” feat Nelly Furtado. I love his sound because he’s managed to marry an African sound with hip-hop influences and a little poetry. I also feel that he can relate to Africans better since he did actually grow up in his home country of Somalia which makes him different from other “African” artists who have grown up outside of Africa such as Wale or Akon. Another track I love off the album is called “Coming to America” and samples the vocals of a well known African group called Ladysmith Black Mambazo. It brings back memories of my parents “grown up” parties 🙂

Below is his video for “Nothing to lose” and the second is a lyric video for  “Coming to America”.


One Comment Add yours

  1. enchantressa says:

    i absolutely love 212, just only heard it (and of her 2weeks ago)…she is brilliant 😉

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