In my ear: Rojo, Rebecca Ferguson and Emeli Sandé.

R&B is back! At least Rochelle Jordan or Rojo is bringing it back! I first listened to her randomly on Youtube after the release of her track “I don’t know how to feel”. Then eventually I discovered her independently released album Rojo. Her sound is reminiscent of 90s  R&B mixed with an  intergalactic edge (think ‘Prototype’ by Andre 3000 meets Aaliyah), I love it. Calming, serene and harmonious, the total opposite of the R&B music being produced nowadays.  Take a listen to two of her tracks below. The first is an Aaliyah tribute; a remake of “Are you that somebody” and the second is one of my favorite tracks on her album “Feel the same way”.

The next artist that has caught my attention is British born Rebecca Ferguson. She was a runner up in the 7th X Factor series that ended in 2011. Her debut album Heaven was released on the 20th of November in 2011 and it will be released in the US on May 29th 2012. Now I don’t watch The X Factor so I’m a little late on the uptake. Her video happened to play on TV at a friends house a few days ago and initially before I looked at the screen I expected to see a 30 to 40 year old songstress who’s been around for years that I just hadn’t noticed and I was quite surprised to find myself looking at a 25 year old! Her voice is amazing! I can’t comprehend how such a young person has such a mature soulful voice. I’m currently hunting for her album but so far I like what I’m hearing! 🙂 My two favorites from her are below; “Too good to lose” and “Fairytale”.

The next artist is also from the British Isles, specifically Scotland (the Brits are murdering the soul music scene currently). Her name is Emeli Sandé, she has a Zambian mother and British father and is also only 25. She was introduced to me by my cousin and I’m in love with her. Her voice has a very sincere and honest quality about it so much so that her songs almost sound like gospel music. Her debut album is called “Our version of events” which was released on the 13th of February 2012. My two favorites from her also happen to be 2 of her 3 singles “Next to me” and “Heaven”.


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