Absence makes the heart grow fonder: The warm heart of Africa

Absence makes the heart grow fonder: the lack of something increases the desire for it.

I grew up in my home country of Malawi and left when I was 19. I have been in Botswana for almost 7 years now. In comparison to my fellow foreigners here that is not really a long time as most that I know have actually grown up here. So unlike me home for them is Botswana since they have spent majority of their lives here. I still feel like a stranger at times but I have grown to love Botswana and the numerous friends I have made here. One thing being immersed in another culture teaches you is the appreciation of your own. The appreciation of your traditional foods, lifestyle, form of dress etc.

In terms of being appreciative of Malawian culture I am a little picky however I attribute that to being within an African country because I still get exposed to elements of culture that are slightly similar to mine. I suspect if I was overseas or in the Arabic part of Africa my home sickness would be a little more intense. For example I don’t really miss Nsima because Botswana has a similar dish called Pap.

What I do miss is the beauty of the countryside. Since Botswana is a semi-arid desert they don’t have much by the way of scenery here. There are a few areas by rivers or swamps (e.g. Kasane) that are absolutely breath taking but such sights are few and far between. Something I took completely for granted when I was in Malawi.

Recently I came across some pictures a cousin of mine had taken when she went back to Malawi to visit and I thought I should share them. I have learnt a few things about Malawi I didn’t know such as the fact that we have camels! 😮

Check out the pictures below and before I forget; special thank you to my cousin Ziwe for letting me use them! 🙂

Lake Malawi (Salima)

That trail of light on the water is where Lake Malawi gets its name “Lake of stars”

Camels! 😮

Zomba Mountain

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed the pictures 🙂


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  1. Zizi says:

    Kwanu nkwanu my dear. True indeed, I have been in kenya for 13 years now, but there are still quite some things about Malawians that you wont find anywhere else. we really need to show malawi in a better light considering everything else thats going on back home, we need to improve the tourism industry in the hope of improving the currency situation.. 🙂

  2. thoko says:

    i wouldn’t have say it better. I have been in US for four years and boy!!! sometimes i crave for the most silliest things…..i have come to appriciate the US but the differences are way too huge. I still feel like a stranger here.

  3. monetbenoit says:

    Woooaa we have camels?? That’s an interesting discovery but I feel you in this post. Home is home and the way i’ve been missing it lately ish.

  4. thalefang says:

    Pic number 3 is Gecko Lounge, Cape Maclear that’s where i welcomed 2013. That’s where the biggest New Year’s Day party was at, in Cape Maclear! Love that place!

  5. thalefang says:

    Actually, Pic number two, not three!

  6. thalefang says:

    mxm, surely got excited when i saw the picture. It is where i welcomed 2012, not 2013, without a passport, check that Lapologa article.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Hahahahaha!!! Indeed!

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