Videos: N*ggas in Paris & Bad Girls

So Jay-Z and Kanye West remembered that they have an album together that they should probably make more videos for. Here is their second video for the song N*ggas in Paris. I really love this song and was looking forward to the video. I must say it is really not what I expected though I’m not quite sure what I did expect…

The video features images from one of their performances during their tour. Kanye is seems to be wearing some dress like shirt-excuse my lack of fashion knowledge but it just looks like a strange dress like shirt to me. Some of the imagery is pretty cool, I like the roaring lion and how the video changes towards the end to match the change in tempo of the song.

Definitely not a particularly great video in my humble opinion but it is different, and I like different.

Speaking of different, M.I.A’s never one to shy away from controversy and her latest video for Bad Girls is no exception. It features her and her girls dressed in bedazzled Gulf style dress (kanduras and kaffiyehs), a few guns and some gutsy car stunts done somewhere that looks like the Arabian desert. The tune is quite catchy though and after the first listen I wanted the song. Take a look…

Initially I assumed the stunt with the car on two wheels and M.I.A sitting on the roof was somehow rigged but after doing some reading I discovered that doesn’t actually defy the laws of physics, it is possible! O_o

It is called shal in Arabian slang and here’s how they do it…(wait till the 1.20min mark of the first video)



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  1. Fafa Annoh says:

    His shirt looks like a dress cos he had to have it that long to cover the leather skirt (pronounced kilt) he was wearing… haaai, fashion!

    1. Ms Z. says:

      and y in Gucci’s name was he wearing a kilt??!!

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