Sizzling mag shoot

It’s been a while since I did a shoot so when the editor of Sizzling magazine called asking me to strike a pose, I was tres excited!!!

Sizzling magazine is a fashion magazine currently going into its 2nd issue with a focus on local fashion. The first issue (which I’m still trying to get my hands on) featured a fellow model Nature on the cover

I did a small shoot with four outfits and I had some fun. 3 of the shots were in studio and one was done in an auto scrap yard of sorts. I’m used to working outdoors so the studio shoot was a change and a challenge. There wasn’t a lot space to work with and trying to keep poses interesting without much movement is quite a mission, the makeup definitely helped me to get into the mood though. I did not get a chance to take behind the scenes photos of the outfits and didn’t think I should anyway cz I don’t wanna spoil the surprise (the theme was old school mixed with modern-think shoulder pads, mum jeans etc) but I did take pics of my makeup which was absolutely fabulous!(excuse the quality of my photos…my phone doth protest much)

I had 3 different looks, the first was a rainbow theme. Colorful eyes and a beige lip.

The second look was more bold and made me feel deliciously eeeevil!! Maroon lip and a black and red eye.

The last look was a little more gentle; pink lip and a light black and gold eye.

The shoot was so much fun and I can’t wait to see the magazine in about 2 weeks or so. I wait with bated breath….


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