In my ear: The Generationals

So yesterday I settled down to finally begin watching a series called Suits that a friend of mine was nice enough to send my way and during one of the scenes, a song playing in the background enticed my ears. After much googling and link hoping I discovered that the tune belonged to a song called “When they fight they fight” by an indie rock duo by the name of “The Generationals”.

The Generationals consists of Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer and they hail from New Orleans, Louisiana. Now as I’ve mentioned above they are an indie rock group and I would describe their sound as sometimes light rock, sometimes indie, faintly British synthpop but mostly old school pop (think Beatles or the Bee Gees). If you like Amy Winehouse, Duffy, La Roux and The Heavies, you’ll most likely appreciate these guys. My music taste is heavily influenced by my father and when he’s not listening to jazz or Michael Jackson, he’s playing the Bee Gees, Lionel Ritchie or The Rolling Stones among others so I took to the Generationals like duck to water! One of my favourite feel good songs from their 2011 album Actor-Caster is called Promise…

Their debut album by the name of Con-Law was released in 2009, followed by Actor-Caster in 2011. Below is a live performance of the song that caught my ear during the Suits pilot episode.

They seem to be a popular choice for soundtracks too with their songs having been featured in Greys Anatomy, Suits, Hall Pass, Chuck and a number of commercials.

Check out their website and indulge!


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