That time of the year again

I have been THE most horrid blogger these past few months mainly due to school commitments cz I do not know how to manage my time-yes I have no shame in admitting that, time management is a skill I am yet to master unfortunately.

Well I am finally back and as the end of the year approaches it’s time to once again reflect on the year that was, the changes we made or failed to make and the achievements we’ve made. What will the new year bring? What are our goals for the coming year? Resolutions? Time to think about that too.

A few days ago a friend of mine was approached by a male that fancied her and his pick up line of choice was “Happy first of the month” seeing as it was the 1st of December (such a sad line to use) and she mentioned that she didn’t see what the big deal about the first of any month was seeing as it happens 12 times a year,lol. And when the end of the year comes around I sort of have the same thought, we have experienced numerous end of years and new years in our lives what makes any more special that the one before? (Unless a significant event has transpired) I guess the end of the year or the beginning of a year is sort of losing its novelty for me…kinda like birthdays. When you’re a child they matter so much, then as you get older you begin to care less and less as they really just signify you getting closer to grey hairs. Oddly enough, my birthday is 10 days after the 1st of January (worst time to have a birthday by the way, everyone usually spends their money on new year shenanigans then all give me a blank look on my birthday).

In addition to the loss of novelty, the ridiculous shopping craze that posess people over Christmas and New years doesn’t help either. It is the only time of the year that I, self confessed shopping monster, does not want to shop because whatever I wanted has usually already been purchased by someone else or my finances do not allow me to indulge in every special sale I come across. It’s a lose-lose situation because nothing makes me happy, I’d rather just eat myself to death throughout the whole period.


So frankly the approaching new year holds no import for me aside from the numbering of the year changing from 2011 to 2012. Oh and apparently it will also be the end of the world at some point according to the Mayans…though if you read this article the Mayans never actually predicted the end of the world as such, just the end of one cycle and the commencement of a new one that brings the return of a Mayan God etc etc *shrugs*

Now what did the past year bring for me?

I became a student again and consequently broke too cz my department decided to not hire Teaching Assistants for the new school year *bleh* I moved on to campus and made some new friends in my graduate residence apartments. My Masters course buried me in an avalanche of work that I did not expect-silly little naive me-and I only managed to come up for air at the very end of the semester. I also had a mini meltdown towards exam time that I just managed to survive. 3 hours of sleep per night for 2/3 weeks straight almost killed me.

With impeccable timing one of my lecturers hired me for a research job that took me to a holiday town here in Botswana called Kasane literally a day after my last exam, I really needed that trip!! It was fabulous! It was my first time there and I’m now in love with the town and would love to return soon!! Nothing like having breakfast by the river or watching warthogs graze outside your window as the sun sets, paradise.


I went on my first holiday with my partner mid year which was so much fun! One thing I learnt about myself? I LOVE to shop! I am sooooooo materialistic it’s not funny, especially not for me or my partners wallet, not funny at all. I also ditched all my surface piercings and got a nipple piercing  during the holiday which was not as horrific as I imagined it would be.  I developed an obsession with Budda statues as well and I dream of having a huge one in my dream house so all guests may rub its belly when they walk in 🙂

I made a few more friends and some friendships I have have evolved which is quite an achievement for a loner like me.

I took part in a professional fashion show, met some professional models and got a taste of what it would be like to make modelling my life.

Meeeeeeeeee!! 🙂

Nothing really earth shattering happened though, life just pretty much went on business as usual. Friends got married, some are about to have babies, others left the country and so on and so forth.Life.

What will the new year bring?

More school. *sighs heavily* But this time I will be ready!!! I will have awesome time management and organize myself better.

I hope it will bring a clarity of thought for me too…let me explain; I’m currently suffering from lack of vision for my life. I’m not quite sure where I am is where I wanna be and what to do with the next few years. I know what I want, just not sure how to get it. It’s left me quite unhappy at times and I hope I can fix that this coming year. I have predictions for my 30 yr on earth whose realization heavily depends on what I do these next few years.

I will party like a rock star on my birthday broke or not 🙂

I will join a gym. Finally. Not saying I will work out but step one is joining a gym, I sort the rest out when the time comes.

I will adjust my personality a little more for the better…constantly working on personal flaws as we all should be.

I foresee many financial constraints that will mess with my mood but it can’t be helped, tis life.

And lastly I will smile more.

Oh and I will work towards purchasing a medium sized Budda statue for my room! (I have collected 3 mini statues so far)

So I pose the same questions to you: how has the past year treated you? And what will the new year bring for you?


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