In my ear: 340ml

I rarely go out of my way to “discover” new artists or music for my listening pleasure, there’s too much of it out there so I tend to stick to the artists I know or artists that are forced down my throat by tv, radio or blogs. But after loving a song called “Midnight” by a band called 340ml for years, I went out of my way today to find out what else they have done.

Give “Midnight” a listen below…

This was their first single from their debut album “Moving” released in 2003. I loved the song because of its calm melodic almost hypnotic vibe, perfect study/sunday afternoon music. Turns out they have a second album called “Sorry for the delay” released in 2008 and the songs I love from it include “Untitled song”, “Moodswings” and “Fairytales” which has a quirky video…watch below…

But who are they? Well they are a 4 man band originating from Mozambique and based in Johannesburg South Africa. Their music is a mix of Dub,JazzSkaAfro-jazz and Reggae. Check out their website for more music, videos and info here, and their facebook page here.

If you treat your ears to calm, melodic, quiet music once in a while, these guys are definitely worth a try…I’ve got both their albums on repeat currently.


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