While I was living under a rock…..

….Kanye West debuted his women’s wear line.

Seems logical for him to end up in fashion seeing as in terms of clothing he’s one of the more experimental males out there. He started off with his college kid look in 2004 and has gradually evolved into a weird mix of high fashion and hiphop in 2010.


Notably we have him to thank for the weird shutter shades that spread among the young and hip like a plague…*sighs heavily*

Having dabbled his hand in sneaker design before (he collaborated with Louis Vuitton to design a footwear collection in 2009) it was only natural that the blouse wearing rapper would eventually end up in design, he definitely has the eye for it.

His women’s wear collection is called DW, named after his mother Donte West and his first show took place in Paris on the 1st of October. Below are a few of the looks that stood out to me, personally I like the collection which featured shoes by Givenchy and the design talents of British designer Louise Goldin as well as Kanye West.

I would definitely wear all of the above and it doesn’t hurt that the gorgeous Chanel Iman is one of his models! I love and depressing look of the clothing and how everything looks as though it was draped on to the model. The clothes seems comfortable and relaxing. Follow this link to view the whole collection.

Fashion reviews for his line haven’t been so positive but though I know less about fashion that the reviewers do, in my opinion he show was of higher standard than what we’re accustomed to seeing from musicians and given his work ethic, he will only get better.

…..Rihanna was featured in Vogue magazine

I dont really follow artists magazine spreads unless they have a particularly interesting shoot. This shoot that Rihanna did for Vogue UK caught my attention. I like the colour (I think black qualifies as my favourite colour), the simplicity of the concept and the Parisian styling. The blonde wig adds some character and what wouldn’t I do for those pointy black heels??

…..Drake released a video for “Headlines”

Speaking of videos two local artists based here in Botswana released videos that are just in time to welcome summer for those of us in the southern hemisphere. The first is a song called “Dancing shoes” by hiphop artist Zeus who is making a foray into House music. I LOVE the video, I am not a fan of house music per-say but I appreciate the song.

The second video is the a product of Marked Men artist Keb. This should easily win the award for best summer anthem.


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