Botswana Fashion Week (and Fashion from the 63rd Emmy’s)

Botswana Fashion week 

Botswana recently held another Fashion week event this past weekend. I didn’t participate as a model this time and failed to attend it as well but I would have loved to of course. Fortunately my fellow blogger Haus of Kings attended it with his camera in tow; follow this link to check out some pics of the attendees.

Brilliant photographer Mickey S (  also took some fabulous runway pictures at the event, below are 3 that he has released:

Simply stunning.

I feel Botswana has so much potential for the fashion business here to be lucrative financially though it may be on a smaller scale than in other African countries with larger populations (Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa etc). However it seems there is no unified push by all those involved in the fashion industry here towards such a goal. In the past year 3 fashion events have been held: Gaborone Fashion Night, Colour in the Desert Fashion week and Botswana Fashion week. However there has been little convergence among the 3 events; mostly different designers and different organizers.

Having modeled in 2 of these fashion events and watched the 3rd from the sidelines (I joined the Facebook group for Botswana Fashion Week) I can see that there is still a lot to be done.

In the first show (Gaborone Fashion Night) models complained publicly to the Midweek Sun Newspaper that they were not paid and were not well looked after. Meanwhile some models from the more recent Botswana Fashion week took their grievances to the Facebook group page. Despite these backstage issues the shows themselves were a pleasure to watch for attendees. As for the second event Colour in the Desert Fashion week, having participated in that show I can guarantee it was well organized and managed behind the scenes, unfortunately despite the impeccable preparation public support for the event was disappointing. No point in having a top class show and there being no one to watch now is there?

The industry needs to help the public understand the value of the Fashion Industry and the importance in supporting local designers as much as they support the international designers.

I do understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day though and this is a good start despite the hiccups, hopefully the Botswana Fashion Industry will go from strength to strength and one day in the future we’ll have a well funded, well organised and well attended fashion week with a strong local representation. And I’m sure all of us involved in fashion within Botswana from the models to the designers, organizers and photographers and fashionista’s share this dream.

In the words of Mickey S: Viva Fashion!

The 63rd Emmy’s

The 63rd Emmy Awards took place on Sunday September 18th and here are some of my favorite dresses!

Kerry killed it! Love that dress!!!

Heidi wearing a fabulous dress designed by season 4 project runway winner (and one of my favourites from the series) Christian Siriano.

Taraji P.Henson
Jurnee Smollett
Sofia Vergara
Nina Dobrev

And lastly, the nights #epicfail in my humble opinion was by Gwyneth Paltrow….

Gwyneth Paltrow

Looks like a belly dancing outfit gone wrong….


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