Blog hopping….

Came across a couple fabulous blogs this past week and an uber cool online magazine.

Haus of Kings

First up, Haus of Kings.

Haus of kings is the baby of  who describes himself as a:

“young, talented guy, who’s always had a passion for fashion and music. Through media and entertainment, I’ll see the world, and make my mark on it!”.

Can’t argue with that! His blog is inspired by arts, music and fashion and in his words:

“serves as a platform to showcase and display these elements, all the while promoting African heritage, style and craftsmanship, not forgetting other nations. Haus of Kings believes in the talents of the youth and aims at exposing the movers and shakers ofmedia, arts, design, fashion, and more.”

I especially love his Street Style  and The Streets are my Runway features. I know a lot of blogs already have features like this, so what’s special about this one? Well its based on the streets of Botswana! 🙂 This will give people an idea of what the youth fashion scene is like in Botswana. I had a similar feature on my blog called Spotted however due to the death of my camera I will live vicariously through Haus of Kings for the mean time.

#Sidenote: We met just last night at an art exhibition hosted by Paraiso Spa

Soul Canvas and Haus of Kings 🙂

Monsieur Polk

Second blog I fell in love with is called Monsieur Polk, such a curious name I couldn’t resist following the link a friend put up on Facebook. Unfortunately I don’t know the blogger personally and there isn’t any info on the blog so I cant tell you much. But from the posts I’ve read, the author is also based in Botswana and the blog is based on Botswana lifestyle whether in fashion, literature, music etc.

The most recent post We are all Nigerian, which introduced me to the blog, is on the opening of Afro Soul boutique, a boutique that recently opened at Urban Space Beauty Parlor in Gaborone Botswana. Its quite a unique boutique because it sells decadent Ankara garments sourced from Nigeria.

Africa has so much going on in the fashion industry and there are so many beautiful clothes being designed and produced on the continent but the number one reason we experience very little of it is because of inadequate continent wide distribution. We are usually constrained to ordering clothes online (from those designers that have the resources to set up online stores), sending relatives to buy the clothes for us when they go on their travels or waiting till we can afford to go travelling ourselves to buy African made clothing. So Afro Soul Boutique couldn’t have come soon enough!!! As we speak I’m saving some pennies to acquire a dress at least for myself. 🙂 Can’t wait! I hope other Boutique owners take a hint and stop sourcing majority of their stock from Malaysia, China, Thailand and the United Kingdom and start supporting our own budding fashion industry here in Africa.

Thought Catalog

The fourth “blog” I came across is really more of a website. It is called Thought Catalog and it well, catalogs the thoughts of different writers that regularly contribute to the website. It makes for some pleasant reading and also has the capability to inspire a creative writing genius within you!lol. And they are quite a few funny articles too! A few that entertained me this past weekend include Stuff I’ve learnt from sleeping with lots of different people, Gangsta wrap: Magnum in the streets and in the bedroomOpen letter to family members on facebook, The things I no longer feel anymore and A humble request for the grammar nazis. The writing is sometimes funny, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes serious and sometimes thought provoking. Love it!

The Finest (by BF Lifestyle)

BF Lifestyle is a Botswana based Public Relations and Lifestyle Events organisation that recently launched the first Southern African Online Lifestyle Magazine called The Finest. How awesome is that?!?! My dream is to have an online mag one day but since they got there first in the meantime I’ll watch and learn.

And even more awesome is the fact that my fellow model and friend Michelle is the cover girl and another model and friend Neo is featured in the fashion pages!!!! 🙂

Michelle 🙂
Neo 🙂

Fabulous fabulous fabulous!!!!

It has everything from fashion, food, travel to events and music. Follow the link and take a look!

And that completes my blog/website hopping fun for the weekend. Hope you find something interesting to read!


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  1. monsieurpolk says:

    Dang, you quoted me first, I wanted to pop you on my item first. Thanks nana.

    1. Ms Z. says:

      hahahaha!!! you welcome! 🙂

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