Canoe Magazine shoot

Today was surprisingly exciting for me!! Lemme explain….

I was called by a stylist from a local magazine called Lapologa for a shoot scheduled for today a couple of days ago, she had mentioned in the text that the magazine the shoot was for was called Canoe. I just shrugged and accepted, I’m really happy to do any shoot currently, I don’t expect the modelling I do to pay the bills. If the shoot’s interesting enough I’ll even do it for free! Lol.

We shot in 4 locations; at the bus station on the pedestrian bridge, by some combi’s/mini-buses, along the train tracks and on top of a car with the ministry buildings as the background. When shooting among people there’s always bound to be some drama. When shooting by the buses we attracted a sizable crowd who all watched me pose while throwing random funny comments at me. I even attracted a Chinese couple who for some reason also began taking pics of me, odd. Some of the vendors even took out their phones and took pictures, hahahahahaha!!! Funny.

My make-up was edgier than usual, hair was kept simple and all the outfits I modeled were by Botocy. A few phone pics below:

Wearing my last outfit of the day
Location for the last shot
Designer of Botocy, Botho getting her make-up checked before taking her profile pic
Lame, the fabulous stylist! I totally love her jacket!

The shoot pretty much took the whole day, got to the offices at 10.30, and was heading home at 5pm. It was so much fun though, I do get tired during long shoots but its a happy tired,lol.

So I get home, google Canoe magazine and imagine my shock when I realised it’s a Ghana based magazine that is distributed ALL OVER AFRICA!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! The small fashion spread we shot is intended for Septembers issue and to say that I cannot wait to see it is an understatement. If it shows up in there, it will be the best print work I have ever done to date!! I almost feel like they’re playing a cruel joke on me and it won’t happen, hahahahaha!!! That’s how nervous I am. This would be absolutely fabulous for Botocy too because she’s an up and coming designer who deserves all the attention she can get, her clothes are absolutely gorgeous. Oh and did I mention she won the young designers award at the Color in the Desert Fashion show?

So I await the month of September with bated breath…..aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! 😀


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