Colour in the Desert Fashion Week

This week has been one of the most exciting weeks of my little modelling career! Lol!

A couple of weeks ago I attended a casting for the Color in the Desert Fashion week and to my sheer delight was shortlisted as a model for the shows. Two weeks later ( on the 8th of August) another casting was held and the final group of models was chosen. The second casting was more gruelling than the first and sooooo nerve wrecking!!! But again I made it! The organisers were quite strict about what they wanted; height 1.70cm and above and slim body types. A lot of girls weren’t too happy about it but truth be told they were actually being quite lenient. Industry standard requires height to be 1.75 and up. At my height of 1.70, I just made it!

Strutting my stuff during the first casting

The show is being organised by Jan Malan (check out his website here) who in addition to organizing various fashion events in South Africa, is also credited with organizing Africa’s version of America’s Next Top Model, Face of Africa. He is also joined by Runway choreographer Andiswa Manxiwa, who is also scout for the Face of Africa show and a model (check out her model portfolio here). This is my second time working with her, the first time I had the pleasure of working with her was during the Gaborone Fashion night show that I participated in earlier this year.

This Fashion ‘week’ spans 3 days; Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The show days are Friday and Saturday evening with various fashion related workshops taking place during the the day.

There is an extensive group of designers showing their work at the event. The designers are divided into 3 groups: Local up and coming designers, local established designers and Pan African designers. Frankly I am too lazy to list them all!lol! However I must mention that among the Pan African designers there is Mpho Kuaho, a local designer who’s creation I had the pleasure of wearing on Gaborone Fashion Night, David Tlale who’s name needs no or little introduction to the Fashion world and Soucha  from Egypt.

There’s nothing more thrilling for a model than to wear the craziest most outrageous garment which is at the same time beautiful and captivating, it’s like wearing a work of art. And these Pan African designers definitely deliver in that respect!! In addition to some local designers, I am modelling for Mustafa Hassanali from Tanzania and Nyasa Joyce Chimanye from Zimbabwe. Nyasa Chimanye’s collection simply left me breathless!! I CANNOT wait to walk in the outfit she put me in!!! I haven’t seen any other collections apart from the ones I’m modelling for so I’m quite excited to see the show as well,lol.

Not only have they brought in International designers but they have also brought in international models. The 28 local models are joined by I think 8 South African based models that have worked all over the world. I’m unable to list them though because at the moment I only know them by first name. They helped Andile give us some runway walk tutoring and they are soooo nice!!! No attitude or bitching, in fact they go out of their way to help the less experienced among us. They have endless tips on how to handle certain types of dresses, embarrassing mistakes, what to pack when going to a show etc. They also pointed out during our rehearsals that they really want the show to be seamless so that the audience can’t tell who is a beginner and who is experienced, I thought that was so sweet of them!! Kaone Kario is also joining us on the catwalk.

So the first show is today and I am ridiculously excited!!! Check out the poster below for more details. And join the Colour in the Desert Fashion week group on Facebook for more pics and details!


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