Back to Black….

So everyone knows by now that British singer Amy Winehouse died of a suspected drug overdose on 23rd July 2011. I can’t say I am surprised but I definitely am disappointed,sigh.

I was first introduced to her music like most people through her hit single “Rehab” which prompted me to listen to her album “Back to Black” which my cousins will tell you I abused quite a bit! Black to Black was her second album and was quite a miserable album content wise in comparison to her first, “Frank”.

Amy pretty much lead the way for “different” British female artists such as Duffy, Lily Allen, Adele and Jessie J. She worked with Mark Ronson on Back to Black and in my opinion the result was simply art. And the world agreed because she won everything from Grammies to Brit Awards, her singles hit number one both in the UK and USA and she even had rappers (Jay-Z for example) jumping on her remix tracks.

So sad that she couldnt fight the shit she was going through. She was battling drug and alcohol abuse for most of her career and I kept hoping she’d kick the demons but alas, she lost.

With her death at the young age of 27, she joins Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Brian Jones who all died at the same age.

In such a short space of time though she managed to leave her mark on the music world. How ironic that her biggest hit was about refusing help,lol! Below is I think my favourite performance of Back to black by her. Her huge black back up singers always tickled me, what’s up with that?!lol!

Rest in peace Amy!

14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011

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