Geeking out: X-men cartoons

So the movie season has begun, I would say it officially begun with Pirates of the Caribbean and Fast Five, closely followed by The Hangover 2 and X-men: First Class which I’m still geeking over!! ^.^ I am yet to watch Fast Five (though honestly I’m not super excited about that) and Hangover 2 (Hangover 1 was meh for me so eh….but ill def watch it). Saw Pirates which was pretty good and X-men this past weekend. I’m not gonna say much on the X-men movie except that I enjoyed it and I think it was a good movie for the franchise. The Last stand didn’t make me very happy.

So because of the movie I had this urge to watch the cartoons, I already have the Xmen evolution cartoons-all four seasons (don’t judge me!they were my favourite cartoon as a kid!) but I wanted to watch the very first Xmen cartoons that started airing in 1992. Lo and behold is kind enough to stream it from their website  and they had been putting up a new episode every Tuesday starting from 28th April 2009. So if you had been living under a rock like me and haven’t been on follow the link and take a look.

X-men animated videos

From there you should be able to navigate to the rest.  There are loads on online comics as well and a Marvel Universe wiki where you can read up on all the comic book characters and my goodness are they thorough, right down to the characters weight! Happy geeking!


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