Beyonce-Run the world[Girls] video. My two cents.

The Queen is back. Basic bishes time to fall back.Lol. Check out the video here and lemme know what you think!

Side Note: it refused to allow me to embed it.

As for me….see i knew this would happen…..I LOVE THE VIDEO!!! lol.this woman, stays winning. I dont think I can listen to the song on its own much tho, but i def luv the video. She refuses to wear flats this child, even when she shud, lmao! E.g. In that scene with the dudes in All stars, it wud have made more sense for her to wear All stars too, blinged up ones or something but noooooo! she refuses,lol. Beyonce you cant pantsula in heels! Hahahahahaha!!! The mirror shoes were quite Gaga like but gold star for effort. And I love the ankle high boots her dancers were wearing. Good stuff. You get an A+ from me Bee! 🙂 Not that my opinion matters but whatever. #Gityomoneygirl!

LOVE the dancers boots!
So Gaga like....

P.S Since that Wonderwoman movie is supposed to be coming out soon, I feel like this would be an appropriate sound track,lol.


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