My Gaborone Fashion Night Report :)

On the 1st of April 2011 Gaborone finally got a taste of what an International Fashion event looks like. The much anticipated Gaborone Night of Fashion took place last Saturday. My write up is very late seeing as it has been a week since the event but forgive a bish, been busy. ๐Ÿ™‚

In addition to it being Botswana’s first major fashion show it was also my first catwalk show as a model so I was RI-DI-CU-LUSSSLY excited.

The day for the models started pretty early; 08:30 am but due to work commitments I only managed to arrive at the Conference center where the event was being held at around 12 midday. I found the girls already in the middle of rehearsals for designer Indashio’s collection. He was there to watch us and hung out with us as well. He has such an endearing personality, I honestly doubt he made any enemies in Botswana at all! Very friendly, funny and outgoing. His personality is also reflected in his clothes which are very colourful, eye catching, fun but not abrasive or harsh to the eye. If you are going out with your girls or want to be seen, his clothes are perfect!

They ranged from short and flirty to long and luxurious. I fell in love with one of his dresses shown below (forgive the picture quality I was using my phone):

A model wearing Indashio by Indashio.

He wanted the girls to be crazy and fun on the ramp which made sense given how energetic he is. He chose S&M by Rihanna for them to walk to. I was soooooo dying to be part of his collection!!!

After Indashio’s collection they began rehearsing for Botho’s collection. I didnt have a chance to fully appreciate the collection during the show because at the time the models were on the ramp, I was changing into Mpho Kuaho’s clothes. However later on I saw some photos and I absolutely fell in love with the outfit below:

A model wearing Botocy by Botho Chalebgwa

I also adored the outfit that Kaone Kario wore for Botho’s collection shown below:

2005 Face of Africa winner Kaone Kario wearing Botocy by Botho Chalebgwa

Then we rehearsed for Mpho’s collection. Given the darkness and drama of her collection we were instructed to walk slowly, look somber and beautiful but strong. Funny how on America’s Next Top Model Tyra Banks is always saying stuff like that and we think she’s being ridiculous. The show’s choreographer and walking instructor Andile gave us a talk about working with our facial muscles to show emotion and how to walk: shoulders up, back straight and neck up. Walking is not as easy as everyone thinks it is….

Koketso’s show was more relaxed and fun. We were walking to hiphop (Loving you no more by Diddy-Dirty Money) and because her collection had about 30 outfits all the models were involved. Rehearsal for that collection was a slight mess but after a few run throughs and some scolding from Andile we got it together.

We then had a lunch break, after which we were sent to the make-up room. Our makeup was done by Urban Space and given that the collections were so different and some models were modelling for more than one they kept our faces clean and simple.

After my face was did
Me and the girls!! My fellow model friends ๐Ÿ™‚

All our hair was pulled back as well, again, simple and clean.

While we sat in the make-up room we were joined by model Sessilee Lopez and her mother. At first I think most of us weren’t sure if we should approach her or not but after much debating between my friend Tshepiso and I, we finally decided to approach her. She was gracious enough to allow us to take some photos with her and of her,lol.

She looks sooooooooo different in person!!! Plus she’s not as slim as I thought she was and she looks like she works out quite a bit. Check out her model profile here. She takes some FIERCE photos!!

After we were done the other girls also decided to swarm her for photos and she took it all graciously posing non stop.

Face of Africa 2005 winner Kaone Kario also joined us to get her make-up done. She was super nice, sat amongst the girls and told us about modelling in South Africa and her nipple piercing, lol, awesome!

Yaya Da Costa stopped by for a minute or two, she greeted Kaone and Sessilee then had to go change.

Eventually the audience had began to arrive so all the models had to move backstage to get ready for the show. We started about an hour late though, fashionably late as they say.

Since the show people keep asking me how it was and to be honest I don’t know, lol. Everything went by so fast. One minute we were watching Indashio’s show, next minute hurriedly putting on clothes and running to get in line before walking on to the ramp. There is such a sharp contrast between the atmosphere on the runway vs backstage. You step on and there’s this calm; a sea of faces staring at what you’re wearing, taking pictures and maybe applauding but as soon as you step off there are models running back and forth, organizers screaming for us to hurry, basically chaos. Fun chaos though. We messed up on the ramp a couple of times and there was a point where we kept the audience waiting because people were still changing but from the positive feedback I received after the show it seems not many people noticed.

The audience Im sure will not forget Indashio’s exit which he did dancing in a traditional bushman outfit:

Yeah quite the character!!

After we closed Koketso’s show there was an abundance of smiles, hugs and thankyou’s backstage then we dispersed. Below are a few more photos, enjoy!

Kaone wearing Mpho Kuaho
Me in Mpho Kuaho

Me wearing Koketso
Sessilee Lopez in Koketso
My lovely cousin Karen with Yaya Da Costa.
Me with Andile, the show's choreographer and runway instructor.

Check out Mikey S’s blog and The Lapologa Facebook page for more pictures!!! It was an absolutely fabulous event and I hope there are many more to come. Word has it another one is taking place in October. Maybe one day Botswana will have a fashion week too!


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  1. Hulisani "Huddie" Munyai says:

    @Botho Chalebgwa….
    I’m very proud of you. I never thought i’d see the day when top models like Kaone Kario wear your creations (it’s about time)…
    Just wish I was around to witness everything personally, especially your first catwalk that would’ve been a sight to remember.
    ********WELL DONE BUSY BEE*********

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