Spotted: Looks like Summer!

Came across fresh faced Keira (I hope the spelling is correct) today. I immediately noticed the jumpsuit and actually asked her where she bought it, unfortunately she got it from Edgars some time back. I love it though, especially the color. And the rest of her ensemble was so cheerful; the head scarf, brown bag and necklace. Plus she has a black cover thingy which I also happen to own. Summery and Fresh!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. tebogo says:

    dig the jumper, but the sweater throws me a bit. think a big, gold bracelet or other statement peice is called for too, and the size seems a bit off, the waist is a bit low…60%

    1. Ms Z. says:

      Even a grade?wow someone is serious!lol. True about statement piece. I’m biased on sweater though, well its not even a sweater as such, its very light and thin and i tend to throw mine on with everything especially when I wanna cover my arms momentarily at work to look “decent”,lol.

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