Gaborone Fashion night

There are really not enough pretentious events in Gabs city. What do I mean by pretentious? Lol, well not enough events where one can indulge in maximum snob-erry and bougie-ness. Not enough events where a little black dress, a killer pair of heels and a suited up gentleman as an accessory is needed so this Gabs Fashion Night is like an AAAAHHHHH moment for all us pretentious loving folk.

On the 1st of April an international fashion show will be held at GICC (Grand Palm) featuring the collections of 4 designers: London based Koketso Chiepe, New York based Indashio and locally based Mpho Kuaho and Botho Chalebgwa. In my next few blog posts Ill focus on the designers to give those who do plan to attend an idea of who they are and what to expect.

Being the dream chaser that I am I went for the model auditions that were held at Gaborone Sun Hotel last week sunday (13th April). It was quite an experience! Met up with my fellow models signed to the agency I’m hoping to join soon called First Models Academy and Agency Management (Botswana) . We nervously waited outside the conference room in which the auditions were taking place. Girls were called in 5 at a time, asked to walk towards the judges one at a time then as a group. Initially they weren’t making their decisions there and then but as time progressed and they decided to put us out of our misery immediately. I feel awkward when I’m walking generally, because I can’t see myself so I just have to hope I look somewhat sane,lol.

The last time I did any kind of runway walking was 5 years ago during Miss University back in my home country of Malawi. Seems like such a lifetime ago! Funny. Anyhoo  I heard my name get called and I was asked to wait again till the auditions were over. When they called us in again they told us we had made it, whoop whoop!!!

I must say though I’ve never taken modeling seriously, lol. It feels like a joke actually. People would tell me to do it and I’d just shrug and nod because well at the end of the day what girl doesn’t want to be a model? But being around other girls who have the same interest is kinda nice, it’s like overdosing on inspiration and it makes me feel like saying out loud “I want to be a model” is not as silly as I think it sounds, lol.

The official photographer of the event is Mikey S who took pictures relentlessly at the auditions and the meetings since the auditions so as pics of yours truly appear on his Blog or Facebook page I shall post them up. Take a look at his stuff by the way, really lovely stuff.

Those in GC that love fashion make sure you’re there on the 1st!!! At the very least its an excuse to wear some crazy sh*t in the name of fashion,lol.





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